Monthly Archives: May 2007

Modern Black and White Wedding

It’s a very crazy time for me finishing up my job here at DH, so I apologize for the lack of posts. I expect to be back in rigorous blogging mode after June 11th! Until then, two wedding inspiration posts….

Gown by Melissa Sweet, Bridesmaids Dress at Neiman Marcus, Flowers by Ariella Chezar

A Post From My Sick Bed

One of life’s interesting dichotomies…90 degrees and sunny, and yet I am house-bound with a nasty cold. Woe is me. Alas, it gives me proper time to get my ducks in a row for my official, full-time launch of Element Interiors and make, hopefully, a few interesting posts.

First off, in case you live in Boston and find yourself in one of my favorite neighborhoods for design inspiration,the South End, stop in Hudson on Shawmut Avenue. If I were to own a bouique, this would be pretty much it! I kind of wish I could just move into this store. They carry otherwise hard to find locally lines such as Bungalow 5 (a personal favorite), Oly (amazing), Barbara Cosgrove lighting, their own line of natty throw pillows and even Cowgirl Chocolates for those with an undeniable sweet tooth AND a vintage design sensibility.

Another fab find is House Eclectic, a source for fresh, cutting edge tables and seating. Pieces come in a variety of candy colored finishes, perfect for adding that little “pop” of color to an otherwise drab and common room. One of my favorites, above, is simple enough to blend with just about any decor, but has a touch of contemporary mod style.

Going Green….again

I know, I’ve done several posts already regarding eco-friendly design…and yet I keep coming across amazingly cool “green” sites. So often, actually, that I’m starting to think that environmentally conscious people have a far sharper eye for great design than non-recycling, SUV driving, leave-the-lights-on-24/7 commoners.

Green With Glamour is such a site. I found two take-your-breath-away mirrors on there that are not only sustainable and toxic paint free, but also exquisitely old hollywood chic!

This recycled glass bowl is far more captivating than your run of the mill Simon Pearce (no love lost between me and Simon though, I have about 5 of his fantastic pieces in my pantry!) I also found this of-the-moment graphic top (made from recycled old dress fabric) that would look amazing with white linen pants and some chunky gold bangles (am sensing this blog may go on a fashion detour from time to time…). And last but not least, some incredibly cute but grown up shower invitations! You can live every inch of your life using earth friendly goods and STILL look glamorous.
Anyway, tomorrow back to wedding posts as I gather inspirations for a divinely decandent black and white wedding…stay tuned.