Gift Guide: Books

Here are just SOME of the great books available this season that would make great gifts!

My “bible” for someone who likes my blog:

For the movie buff:

For the hypochondriac with a sense of humor (I assume I’ll be getting this):
For the smart little girl on your list (also available in a boy version!):

A plain ol’ FASCINATING book for anyone:

For the design maven (ahem! On my list!) CLICK on photos for links:

For the cook:

For the stylish eco-goddess (it comes with a cute tote!):

For the sports nut (the cover is actual astroturf!):

For the introspective “thinker” who also like pretty things:

For the glam new Mom:

For the fashionista (what a gorgeous cover to display on a coffee table!):

For the Jackie worshipper:

For the preppy :

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  1. I have to admit………I have the Priveledged Life (it’s sitting onto of my tower dresser along with “Bright Young Things”, “Jackie:America’s Princess”, “740 Park”, “What Would Jackie Do?” and “the Spirit that is Pomfret”)

    I need to find a meeting……..

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