Anne Harwell

This is a great site for those of you who worship furniture design (and I hope if you are reading this blog you at least have a passing interest, or gosh, I must bore you!) I have admired Anne Harwell’s work on other sites before, but was poking through her Etsy shop today and thought that these two sets of cards in particular were adorably sweet and fabulous. Her renderings of iconic chairs is so simply stunning, especially to a designer like myself.
Even though they ARE note cards, they would look stupendous in matching frames. Come to think of it, these are perfect for my office! If you ever see a set of note cards or a calendar with beautiful pictures, buy it and use them as art by popping the images into simple gallery frames! Such a cheap way to create a series of pieces for your empty walls!


  1. I like her work, especially the mini-cooper and vespa prints. As the aunt of two nephews (Harry and Charlie), very cute for a boy’s room. They are obsessed with anything that runs on a motor.

  2. Random – Brian and I have the same Pottery Barn duvet that appears under the chair illustrations in the top photo! (And we hate it – it’s made of super-heavy sailcloth!)

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