Black is the new Beige

This is not for the faint of heart or haters of drama. I’ve noticed over the past few months that black paint, used both as an interior and exterior color palette, is all the rage right now. Kind of like black nail polish, which still baffles the men in my life. Don;t worry fellas, it’s faux pas now.
Beyond just jet black, I’m sure there are variations in either a very dark graphite or have inky blue in them to give the color more depth. Black can serve as a neutral since you can add any color to it (except maybe brown) and it will set everything off in a very bold way. Take a peek at yesterday’s post featuring a bathroom painted a very dark grey, almost black, color. Set against the white of the tiles, it looks crisp and lovely- especially with magenta towels! The homeowner even carried that color into the bedroom on an accent wall as well.

Here the interior of a cabinet was painted black and it creates a fabulous showcase for the silver and china…

This room makes me want to start ALL over and banish my chocolate/beige/cream theme in my dining room in favor of blacks and grays. I. LOVE. IT.

The first time I recently saw black as an exterior paint was the cover of Dwell magazine. The house was an uber-modern box of sorts and I thought “Oh, the neighbors must loooooove that they did that” (note the sarcasm here). But look at black used on more traditional architecture below. I especially love it when paired with a ethereal blue door!


  1. I just have to give a shout out to my all time favorite art history professor, Tripp. Adorable, wore Burberry trousers, would show slides of impressive architecture in Berlin, then accidentally a slide one of his girlfriends in front of the Prada store would have slipped in. And I mean “girl friend”, cause he was gay as Christmas. Anyway, when he invited us to his home to celebrate graduating, he had, none other, than black bedroom walls! Big stripes of alternating matte and glossy black paint (kind of like Erin’s bathroom). Really amazing and surprisingly beautiful. E- you and he would get along famously.

  2. I definitely think you need the right room/house to use black. My house for instance has bad lighting and even with bright walls seems kind of dark. If I added black walls, no matter how great it looks in the magazines, I would probably feel like I’m walking into a dungeon everyday.

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