More Weekend Randomness

I threw my husband a little graduation party Sunday to celebrate his completion of his master’s degree. The Martha bug had bit me hard and I tried to get as crafty as I could. Too bad I forgot to take any pictures of everything set up- but here are a few post-party shots of the flowers I did (key limes- great find at Trader Joe’s, plus a few cash-n-carry bundles from Winston’s mixed together) and the banner I made (scalloped cards from Paper Source, plus cut out letters from glittered wrapping paper and a gorgeous ribbon). I sued the extra cards to paste quotes I found about education on them and scattered them around the table.

The day before the party my fab friend (and client) Amanda and I went to the Greater Boston Antiques Show in Wilmington. Mostly it was disappointing- heavy on the costume jewelry and Victoria’s tea sets, light on actual furniture. BUT when Amanda and I saw this set of 5 turquoise Venetian glass goblets it was true love.

She totally convinced me to bargain down and get them. How stunning will these be set on a dark wood table with my platinum and white china? Thank you Amanda for making me bite the bullet!!! Now to find ONE more on eBay somewhere…

Also had my new entryway light installed and am happy with it (above).
I also did a painting for the large empty entryway wall. I am not super pleased, so it will continue to be a work in progress… Anyone can do this to save money on art- buy a blank canvas and some paint and experiment!


  1. Hi Erin – I really like your photo display/arrangement. Where do you shop for frames that are not ghastly expensive?

    Also, I’m doing my darnest to refer my friend Whit to you. She just moved to Boston again, after a 3 year stint in Chicago. She’s renting a great space in the southend – porch/balcony, one bedroom, great kitchen.

    I hope she heeds my advice!

  2. My frames shown here are a mix of Pottery Barn, West Elm, Target, Umbra and IKEA! All cheap, minus the PB ones which were a wedding gift (the large ones with the linen mat).

  3. I’m dying to know where you got your striped rug! It’s perfect for under my dining table. And your picture wall looks great!!

    I’m jealous of your new glasses. If you find a set on eBay and need just one…I’ll buy the rest!

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