My 200th Post!

Wow, it’s amazing I have that much to say!

If some of you already know this site, I apologize, but the Eurway catalogue just arrived in my mailbox and I had never seen it before! While a chunk of it looks like it’s trying too hard to be “modern”, there is one great section on the site that is genius! Modern Classics has a grouping of comfortably priced “designer inspired” (kind words for “knock off”) furniture, including my beloved white Barcelona chairs. Also available a great looking version of the Eames Aluminum task chair (I would love it in white), Emeco’s metal Navy chair, the Arco floor lamp by Flos and Eileen Gray’s famous side table- all for a FRACTION of the price of the authentic versions. And as a designer, I have to say, these are SO close to the original designs that I would never be able to tell the difference. I cannot speak to the quality of the products though, never having actually seen the items in person. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has!

Also available through them, a great selection of stylish platform beds.

A very interesting find!

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  1. Hi-
    Just found your blog via Design to Inspire’s link.

    We were just at Eurway over the holidays while in Dallas visiting family. We bought a table and lamp there–very happy with both!

    Also tried this Modern Classic piece you show here–the Catalan Chaise–and it was incredibly comfortable.

    Can’t say I have a “real one” to compare it to, but I could’ve napped on this puppy all day.

  2. I am so excited to hear from someone who has actually BEEN to this place and can vouch for the products!! Thanks!!

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