UncategorizedFebruary 7, 2008

Mail Call

We at Element Interiors (and by we, I mean just me- I simply like the sound of “we” better) are having a crap day. The weather sucks and I’m having an inspiration drought (full circle- I blame the weather) and a life overload. I am just a big, ol’ cranky pants who has yet to get out of her gym clothes from this morning. We all have these days. So as I sign off to throw myself a pity parade consisting of coffee, the couch, Baxter McBarkypants and my pink velvet covered collection of the Sex and the City Series DVD’s, I will leave you with this flyer I got in the mail yesterday from The Container Store. How CUTE are these pink, navy and green organizational tools???? I’d love a combo of green and navy- or pink and navy. Very Kate Spade-ish.

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