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Southern Utopia

I was busting at the seams all weekend to do this post. I saw an article in Cottage Living about Atlanta home shop, Bungalow Classic, owners Courtney and Randy Tilinski’s new home in this sustainable community called Serenbe. I loved their home in the magazine (see it here) and went online in search of more information. I think I’ve spent 5 hours looking through ever inch of this site. Seriously. I am in love. I typically am not enamored with instant cottage towns, they feel forced, devoid of charm and scarily Truman Show-esque. However, I love the concept and aesthetics behind this one- the styles are architecturally diverse- from a Gothic inspired cottage to an uber-modern townhouse- the choices are limitless. All the homes are EarthCraft certified and there is even a 25 acre working organic farm! They have a gorgeous inn, adorable shops and organic grocer and restaurants– everything you’d need 30 miles west of Hotlanta. I am literally crazy for this place. The variety of styles blended with lots of nature, eco-consciousness and a clearly vibrant and artistic community make for a pretty idyllic little scene. Perhaps the grass is not always greener and the community is a bit isolated, but from this perspective, I love it.
Andrew and I are in a tough spot right now where circumstances are causing us to have to consider moving- for real. And this might be just the place. Can you see me here with a little design shop that Baxter and I walk to every day? :) I urge you to look through the site if these pictures below appeal to you!

The vast array of interior styles:

Also the extreme variation of exterior styles:

The restaurants, bakery, farm and main town:

Happy Friday.

I was thinking that Friday might now be dedicated to fashion. Fashion Fridays, I suppose. Agreed? It’s good to get a little off topic now and again…
I was watching Charade the other night with my hubby (he could not believe I’d never seen it-it’s wonderful) and I was just drooling over Audrey Hepburn’s amazing Givenchy wardrobe. All those gorgeous band collar jackets! My favorite though was this white high collar dress with big black belt. STUNNING. She was so effortlessly chic, so… perfect. And so many of the outfits in the movie could very well have been on the racks at Neiman’s today!

It got me thinking about vintage clothing, and so I decided to stop by an old favorite vintage site I had been neglecting recently, Posh Vintage. I found so many amazing pieces I could have posted about 50! Some are quite pricey (70’s Lanvin, natch)- but some are about the same amount you would spend on a dress at J.Crew– except you get to say “Oh this? It’s vintage“, and revel in the admiring, “she’s-so-cool” glances! That alone is worth an little extra coin.

These two long gowns are to die for. Especially the one on the right- too bad it’s already “on hold”. So fantastic for a summer wedding with a stack of cream resin bangles. The gorgeous coral would look delicious with gold accessories and a California tan. :)

I adore this little black linen shift, very Audrey.
The wrap dress to the right would be amazing with silver strappy heels and long silver layered pendants.

This white dress on the left is so quintessential Audrey! *heart*
On the right is one of Posh’s “reconstructed” pieces. They take some of their vintage finds and redo them to look a bit more modern. This dress is just amazing- you’d need a nice tan to pull it off but talk about a show stopper!

To the left, a darling, deep V jersey gown.
To the right- can you not see Angelina rocking this little number? It’s longer, so I would shorten it to knee length and wear some killer Laboutin heels.

Again, the dress on the left I would shorten- and put directly on Natalie Portman!
The jacket to the right is by Ossie Clark and is so amazing I can barely find the words.

Another Audrey/Natalie number that is simple and darling. Turned into a mini, this linen shift would be in style forever.

Hope you enjoyed my little foray into the fashion world- enjoy your weekend!!!

New Purchase

Loving my new purchase from sfgirlbybay’s etsy shop. It’s a screen printed saying (and a good one at that) over an original vintage advertisement. it’s just so… us. I wanted to incorporate more art into the gallery style photo wall I’ve created and this fits perfectly. Now to find a place for the letterpress piece I bought over a year ago that I love so much!

** Victoria at sfgirlbybay posted a little bit about us! :) Yay! After seeing her apartment in Sunset magazine, I am SO impressed with the vast array of her talents!