Fashion FridayMay 12, 2008


So, this is a bit of a Fashion Friday on Monday- there are no set rules in Blog-land. Andrew and I went to see “What Happens In Vegas” on Saturday night (much to his dismay) but we both ended up LOVING it. Hysterically funny (Lake Bell, particularly, delivered some killer lines) and the fashion- oh the fashion. Cameron Diaz’s outfits in this flick are to die for- kind of how I felt about Jennifer Aniston’s in “The Breakup”, when I went out and bought the $750 Jennifer Meyer necklace she wore the whole movie). I am DYING to find out who makes the little pink frock she wears in the casino in the first picture. Anyone? Not to mention, whatever workout she’s been doing, it WORKED. Her body is beyond fierce in the movie- I had to wipe up some drool from Andrew’s face, and my own.
If you need a laugh (and some eye candy)- go see it!

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