For the Birds

Angele Parlange is a designer and author of the Lousiana inspired Creole Thrift, and was recently featured in the May/June issue of Cottage Living (another magazine must for the design obsessed). She turned what was originally a “pigeon house”- literally a giant birdhouse- on her family’s property into an amazing guest house. Who wouldn’t want to stay in such a romantic, fairytale like retreat such as this? I am madly in love with the pink and red carpet she picked up in Morocco as well as the dressmaker fabrics she used to upholster the furniture. Hats off to Angele!


  1. I love love love love love this!!!! How darling is the entire thing?!!

    I once bought this massive, old, wooden chicken coop and came home and had to ask my husband to please pressure wash/bleach the heck out of it – to rid it of all the chicken poop. He did it, although his facial expressions during the process were priceless.

    All I can think about is: I wonder how much birdie doo they had to rid this place of. Well worth it!

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