This Is How Much I Love You.

Pictures via Domino

This find is so good I almost pondered keeping it to myself. But alas, I could not possibly keep any good find from my dear readers. As you may have seen on various blogs, in magazines and on the beds of many decorators- the embroidered Otomi bedspread is HOT right now. I absolutely love them instead of the omni-present (but still gorgeous) Suzani. The only source I had found until now was Jacaranda, which sells the larger bedspread size for $395.
God bless eBay.
Mexican Textiles Museum Store has them for $250 or best offer (get your haggle on).
I want one for my guest room SO BADLY.


  1. These are great – love the vibrant colors. I think it would look good in my daughter’s room as well. Hope you had a good long weekend – the weather was fab!

  2. I fell hard for these too. Firmly believe in the power of a pretty bedroom talk about sweet. The navy is my favorite.

  3. I noticed these popping up everywhere a year or so ago; I believe it was kate spade who jump-started this trend with her Oaxaca collection – I think you’d really like it.

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