Monthly Archives: June 2008

Weekend Warrior

Most of my weekends are spent thinking about my projects, snuggling with my pup and watching HGTV marathons. They are also quite crowded with trying to do work on my own home. Let me tell you this, as a decorator, I find it by far the hardest to work on my own space. Being that I see so many wonderful design options every day, it’s hard for me to pick just ONE rug, or only TWO throw pillows. I change my mind constantly after seeing the latest and greatest- in fact after finally finishing painting all our rooms, I went back into the first room we painted and said “We have to do this over. I hate it”. I love so many different styles of furniture and decor but want a home that doesn’t look like a big mess of conflicting ideas. I think perhaps my vision gets clouded when I’m too close to something, but I also love the process of creating and so I always want to begin again (much to my husband’s and my wallet’s dismay!) But I’m starting to feel good about what we’ve been doing. Case in point, this last weekend we had some great successes!

I replaced my dark curtains with white grommet topped IKEA panels. It instantly brightened the room. We bought this ivory and tan woven jute rug at West Elm after pondering many more expensive options. It also helps to brighten everything and creates a more defined sense of calm and order.
Oh, and did I forget we got new furniture? Yes, our sad couches that we bought for $900 (for both!) have now been retired and in with some newer pieces- a velvety tight back couch and pair of swoop arm club chairs in a nubby linen. We also got a candelabra for the fireplace for summer- it seems to have opened the room up quite a bit.

I about died when I saw these pillows at Pier 1- they look like much more expensive felt wool pillows I’ve seen for $300 each. These babies were $30 each!

In the kitchen I hung some varied black and white print plates by the chalkboard- I think they look darling!

Another Pier 1 score- these coral beaded napkin rings for $1.50 each!

And we finally hung this fabulous print my husband got from his parents for his graduation from his Master’s program. It’s a limited signed copy of an original print that hangs in his parent’s home. Isn’t it great?

Phew. I’m tired. :) Onto the next project!

Brown Design

I have a total design crush on Ryan Brown from Flipping Out– I kinda wish he was the Will to my Grace. Or maybe I would be the Karen to his Grace. I digress. But at least I can salivate over the work he does with his brother, a partner in Brown Design. They started a blog and have a wonderful portfolio on their company website. Check out some of their past projects:

This room is my fantasy girly room- not TOO frou frou, but chic, sleek, but PINK!

Do I even need to say it? A patio with an outdoor living room? *Sigh*

Who wouldn’t want a bathtub like this and a powder room with such bold, beautiful paper?

Simply luxurious.

I recognize this fireplace from the show! There is something in me that would love a truly contemporary home- it looks so relaxing and clean!

Fantastic pairing of Tulip Table with more traditional chairs in Imperial Trellis!

I love the use of the multiple pagoda lamps in a row over the long dining table!

Great contrast in pattern and color.

A fabulous entry and simply perfect kitchen (look at that cabinet detail!!)

Echoing the Chinese Chippendale style detail from the cabinets, this was made for the family room. Absolute perfection!

Such a talent!

Reader Photos: Bamboo Chairs

I received an e-mail from reader Marilyn in Michigan after posting pictures of “my” bamboo chair set I saw at Mecox Gardens for $3,800. Marilyn also has the same set- she found them at a flea market for $100 and refinished them in glossy black and some modern fabric- how great do they look? She too had a bit of jaw-dropping going on after seeing how much they would retail for- but they look so fantastic I’m sure she’ll never part with them! Thanks Marilyn!

Fashion Friday: In the Club

Club Monaco has always been known for it’s clean cut, basic silhouettes. Lately I have found them to be quite boring though, with nothing in the window of the Boston store to pull me in. I am all about basics, but not BORING. The new collection, shown on their website, is pure genius! They’ve created a crisp, slightly edgy take on very classic, simple garments and I just ADORE them all! Who knew red, white and black could be this diverse?