Magical Mecox

If I won the lottery and could decorate my house with anything I wanted, Mecox Gardens would be one of my first stops. The virtual palace for antique goods always provides me with tons of inspiration, and can cause spontaneous drooling.
I was on their site the other day when I cam across this. I almost fainted. Those are my chairs I am in the process of redoing- and I think I’m sold on the brown seats now. Just look at the price! Granted they can ask much more than I can because they have the reputation of being a reputable antique dealer, but STILL. I am giddy with excitement to finish mine and get them sold! If only I had some time…
Here are some more gorgeous wares from the site (spend some time looking through it today if you have time to slack off!)

Some elegant antique mirrors, I particularly love the woven ceramic one!

I HUGE horse triptych- what a showstopper on a large wall.

Antique prints. I just love the bug, not sure why seeing as I hate bugs.

A collections of simply adorable chairs- the first one reminds me of the Alhambra collection by Van Cleef and Arpels- and would make an amazingly gorgeous desk chair paired with a lacquer Parson’s desk!


  1. the clover chair is actually from suzanne kasler’s furniture line. it’s gorgeous!

  2. Ooh! So many gorgeous things! I especially love the “Van Cleef and Arpels” chair. You’re right, it looks just like their clover design.

  3. I have the same chairs. Can’t believe what they are charging for them. Mine are black with modern fabric on them. Check you email for the pics. What fun.

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