Cheap Thrill

Some great new prints from Premiere Prints– all about $8 a yard!

Isn;t this one fabulous?? It looks like a pencil line drawing? I love it!

Naturally, I had to include the zebra, that comes in a myriad of colors- such a classic pattern, and one liberally overused by moi. Of
h, and a little python print, to keep it wild but varied.

I think this medallion print is genius, and the one to the right looks a LITTLE bit like a “Poor Man’s Luca Linen”.

Delicious lemony bamboo trellis and a groovy seventies print. These two paired would make great throw pillows for a couch or bed!

I had to include this- I might have to get a dog bed made of it for little Baxtypants.

LOVE the diamonds. What girl doesn’t like diamonds? ;)

A great small pattern available in various colors.

One more reason I feel able to say: “You don’t need money to make your house look good!”


  1. I want to do a little kids room in the dog print with yellow accents like the bamboo print! Would be SO adorable! Anyone? Anyone?

  2. My sister would so do the dog print. I mean, her blog is called “My Dog Blog.” LOL.

    It’s actually a great idea. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails…

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