1. Wow! Thanks for the tip! Great stuff! I love the sleeveless ruffle-neck blouse and the chartreuse flats, especially.

  2. What a fantastic post!! Where did you get those images, I definitely did not see them on the site!- You make it look so good!

  3. Hi – ok, so i just went to the Old Navy website, and can’t find the red plunging neckline dress. I love it! how did you find it?

  4. Oh.My.Gosh. This is AMAZING! Thanks so much! I’m on vacation and think I might just haul my lazy arse out of bed, throw on some clothes, and GO SHOPPING!

    with love from Pittsburgh…

  5. same here – where did the images come from? The clothes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g for Old Navy! Very exciting!


    Even those I DESPISE going in that place, I just might have to…looks SO cute!

    I love cute fashion on the cheap, leaves me more $$ for my home!


  7. Very cute, but ever since Old Navy sold me a pack of USED UNDERWEAR, I just can’t shop there.

  8. Old Navy????? I can’t believe that! I usually don’t like old navy but those outfits are so cute!

  9. I love old navy! but only shop their sale section. Even though the price of their regular merchandise is good, the quality is horrible! Things fall apart so quickly. I really don’t like to pay $35 for dress that I can only wear once or twice (really! it’s happened before) I rather pay $15 on sale and not feel bad if it ends up falling apart!

  10. I just recently got the navy paisley dress and the black and grey patterned dress. I love them and where them all the time. Yeah Old Navy!!!

  11. no! I’d never have guessed. Kudos to them for knowing the value of a god photographer and an even better stylist!

  12. i’m just nervous this is really about great styling and photography. none the less, i’m all over it.

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