Lovely Lucite

My husband and I got in one of the biggest fights of our marriage over lucite. Yep, you read that right, lucite. It may have had something to do with the fiestiness I acquired through several sangria margaritas I consumed. Trouble with a capital T.
The fight was over adding some lucite to our living room. I love lucite when mixed with traditional decor (in small doses). I have this picture above saved from a very old Domino of a lucite entryway console I LOVE. Well, I asked for either this or the lucite nesting tables from CB2. Let me make this clear, Andrew HATES lucite.

Somehow this digressed into an argument in the restaurant about my inflexibility about including his opinion in decorating and my assertion that he refused to use our home as a showplace for my business. Enough said. We do not have any lucite…yet. ;) (Love you, honey)

Anyways, here are some other lucite items, beyond the Louis Ghost chair which we all love- well, everyone but Andrew.

Lucite letters from Wonderful Graffiti

Love this chair from IKEA for a desk or around a dining table. Last time I went , they were sold out.

This x-base stool is gorgeous AND very pricey

A little lucite feeder for Baxter Gates, Wonder Pup (a.k.a Mr. Barky Von Fancytail, as we have dubbed him)

Amazing lucite trays from iomoi. A perennial fave of mine!

Some lucite lamps from Mecox and Ralph Lauren .

There is even an entire store dedicated to lucite furniture and accessories.


  1. w|When I found my lucite coffee table at Goodwill for $25 I sent the hubby to pick it up. (heavy, very heavy)… when he got home he said “I cannot believe you like this thing… it’s like Miami Vice”. I let him know I was in charge of the inside of our house.
    He later nearly broke his foot when he kicked the side of the lucite table in the dark one night. I think the table is slowly growing on him, it has taken time though.
    Sounds like our husbands would have plenty to talk about.

  2. we had the same fight – over wicker. i registered for a wicker basket from pottery barn when we got married and the way he reacted you would have thought i killed his mother. still have the basket. :)

  3. What a coincidence and about lucite no less! We are furnishing our (empty) home and my husband and I had the SAME conflict over lucite too, in fact the same nesting tables from CB2. So we compromised and instead bought bungalow5 tables for the FR and the CB2 lucite console for our entry way, where he finally caved because he knew how much I was . The console just arrived last week. Suprise –> he loves it! For the price the CB2 table is very high quality, I was impressed when I saw it in person.

  4. Erika, Andrew said the same thing- “It’s so 70’s- or worse, it’s so early 80’s!” I’m like “It’s a cycle honey, it all comes back and it’s FABULOUS.” :)
    Amber- go one with your bad self! Bungalow AND lucite- lucky duck.

  5. Hilarious! I have shown that exact picture and those tables from CB2 to my husband and you should have seen his face- Mr. Yuck! This from a guy who tried to get me to wear a Tommy Hilfiger plaid jumper when I was like 23.

    Thanks for the info on the Ikea chair- have never seen it there. Will have to check next week

  6. Shannon! That made me laugh so hard b/c my hubby said once “you know, i like girls in those velvet dresses and pants”…. as in like mid-90’s velvet. I was like “Should I crimp my hair too?” :)

  7. I am great with the Lucite but if the cycle ever gets back to black laminate with brass trim then Kirk is out…I was lucky to get mirrored lamps when mirrored furniture came back. I think they compartmentalize eras and stick to that…there’s no “ok, thats cool again” but we love them anyway!

  8. I too laughed out loud. I love Lucite mixed with primatives. I have had simular disagreements with my husband. I told him he needed to just go out and clean the garage and leave the nesting to me!

  9. We have a lucite coffee table and my husband wasn’t otally “getting” it, when I first brought it home. However all it takes are a few friends to come over and go on and on about how much they love it, then suddenly, it’s a cool piece!

  10. I loved reading everyone’s commentsI I can totally relate. Living with an architect the discussion over design is always lively! PS. I like lucite, he doesn’t!

  11. My hubby flipped out when I showed him the Louis and how much it is but then I caught him on a happy good day and he gave in. But recently my daughter scratched it up and my hubby just laughed and said thats what I get for spending that much on it!!

  12. guess all husbands hate lucite. I like you was also looking to add a little lucite to my living room. I adored the CB2 console table, but I was met with resistance. My husband loves to equate it with hooker lucite shoes. Hates it. Stay strong and hopefully you’ll win the battle :)

  13. Clearly, he will see the light when you bring home something lovely and lucite. My fave is the “Ghost chair” Perhaps a welcome home for him, a sexy sultry lucite chair – You holding a glass of something in a trench coat, umbrella…. and a surrender flag.

  14. patricia- I think Andrew would absolutely not mind if the whole house was lucite if I did that! ;)

  15. This is hysterical. I love how guys (often, the SAME guy) could either care less about how we're decorating or react so horribly to it.

    I can't say that I'm a big lucite person, but that tear from the old Domino was actually something I liked. Mixing old & new is totally my thing.

  16. Lucite furniture has had such a bad reputation in the past, so for someone who isn’t current on how cool it’s become as accent furniture, it can be a hard sell. I never thought i would be a fan of lucite until about a year ago…and now it’s everywhere and wonderful!
    good luck!

  17. So funny because just today I was NOT studying and instead thinking about my living room and how fun August will be when we fix it up and do you think a lucite coffee table would just be so impractical with a toddler? I have been coveting some myself — perhaps we will have to find a good spot for some!

  18. Now you have me itching for more Lucite. :) I particularly love the x-frame bench. A little bit classic and a whole lot mod = completely fabulous.

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