Speaking of Greece…

While plotting my escape to the blue and white seaside paradise of Santorini, where I will live in sun drenched bliss forever, I came across the site for the Vedema Resort. This is the kind of place that makes me feel like I might actually CRY because I am not there. The interiors are stunning and bold (each one unique) and the images left me breathless for more. You may actually despise me for sharing it with you! I need to lie down under my desk and wallow after seeing these. . . . .


  1. Check out the Katikies Hotel in Oia, Santorini. That’s where I spent part of my honeymoon, and it was amazing (and incredibly well decorated!).
    :) Laura

  2. my husband and i stayed at rocabella on santorini in may. had an unbelievable time…the longish flight is well worth it when you kick back with those whitewashed walls and that unmistakable blue!

    ps. we are both fellow conn coll grad’s as well!

  3. Hey Girl!
    First, yes! That was Mio you spied, I made a post about it a few moments ago. Fun side effect of the job :)
    Two, were talking Greece for the Honeymoon so thanks for this beautiful inspiration!!!

  4. elements,

    we graduated in 02 (me) and (01) him.

    someone forwarded me your website and am just bowled over by your creativity and ideas, and then i saw a post that said you were a camel!

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