Speaking of Hotels…

I NEED to go here. I mean, I REALLY need to go here. My sister in law has stayed here many times for work (lucky!) and always raved about it. But now that I have taken the time to look at the images, I am absolutely itching to hop on a flight to the west coast and drive straight here, finances be damned. A hotel room with hardwood floors and throw rugs? It looks like someone’s drop dead gorgeous beach house- absolute perfection!

You can dine here…
( Upholstered leather bar with nailheads? Love it!)

Take a bubble bath here…

Snuggle up and watch a movie here…

And take a stroll to this!

If your name is Andrew and you happen to be my husband….4 year anniversary? :)


  1. What a beautiful hotel! It deosn’t even look like a hotel. It’s more like a rich friend’s incredibly stylish home. You should definitely go!

  2. Oh it is such an awesome hotel! My husband’s work Christmas party was there last year and we got to stay there. I remember I walked into our room and told my husband I wanted a bedroom that looked just like this! The views are amazing too. You should have seen it at Christmas time all lit up with white lights everywhere.

  3. They have a great Sunday brunch that I love where I am known to sip bloody mary’s at that pretty blue bar. We have also attended a wedding on the second floor balcony that was breath taking.
    Tell Andrew to pony up!

  4. Michael Smith did all the interiors for Shutters. He also the interiors for The Canary Hotel in
    Santa Barbara!!!

    thanks for your sweet comment!!!


  5. I’ve loved my visit to your blog! Nice work. However, you really made me want to go on holiday after seeing those photos of Shutters!

  6. Joni-
    I stayed at “The Canary” when it was the Andalucia- talk about a cute rooftop pool! :) I’d love to see the redesign!!!

    Erika- perhaps a bloggers weekend away for you, me and Courtney? ;) We can all write it off as “research”?

    Sara- SO JEALOUS you got to stay here on someone else’s dime!!!

  7. oh my goodness – this is incredible! i’ve never been, and i live about 20 minutes away!!

  8. The Canary in Santa Barbara is beautiful. We hung out at the rooftop pool for hours one night!

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