1. Erin, no I am the last one to hear! I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. It kind of devaluates the originals, don’t you think? Hmm…. I guess I’d like to see the quality of the Target ones. I love Derian’s work nonetheless.

  2. The first Target opened in my neck of the woods…many, many years ago and at their “soft” opening – I was so not impressed. But over time I have fallen in love with that store and now you have given another reason to love it even more.

    john derian i adore

  3. Wonderful! This must mean that they will have something that costs less than a ba-zillion dollars, right? I love his stuff & thanks for the heads-up over on PW's site!

  4. Like paris hotel botique, I don’t know if this is necessarily a good thing! but I must surely be the last to know this tidbit of info.

  5. Thanks for the heads up, and no, you’re not the only blogger who didn’t know. I didn’t either! Saw you over at PW’s site.

  6. I think there will be a clear distinction between John’s high end originals and the Target line, which I believe might be melamine (collage prints on plastic or under cheap glass). Although I understand people’s concern over devaluing the originals, I love that he;s making his work available to the masses.

  7. There was a full page ad in the new Elle Decor (or maybe it was Architectural Digest).

  8. This is the first I’ve heard about this. Like you, I am excited to see what he produces for Target.

  9. I have no idea how I missed this. At first I felt excited, but then 30 seconds later, I realized I like the original decoupage pieces because they are original and special. But of course I am off to target.com to check it out this instant!

  10. If you wait long enough… who knows what favorite designer will end up at Target… MONEY talks!

  11. It should be mentioned that unlike the original ‘decoupaged’ trays and plates the ones in Target will be lasered and the paperweights will be of acrylic instead of glass. So far I’ve been to 3 targets in and around the Boston area and no John Derian stuff. The launch was supposed to be Sept. 7th.

  12. Right there with you Brian, I went to the big Target in my area in New Jeresy today, asked about the line, and got looked at like I had 16 heads. I read in both the NY Ties and Domino that the line would be available on Sept. 7. When is the line going to be in stores? Also, when you search online, Target.com yields no results!

  13. Just went to 2 Targets in Chicago – noone at either ever heard of John Derian. And I haven’t found any mention on the web site. The Target in the ads has nothing to do with the real thing, apparently.

  14. Just went to 2 Targets in Chicago and no one had heard of John Derian. Very frustrating. But Target seems to pull this from time to time – are they disorganized or do the ads have nothing to do with the real store?

  15. The add in the front of this months domino says “Available September 14”. Elsewhere domino printed that it would be available on the 7th, but I didnt see anything in the target near me today…

  16. HI, I too was looking forward to this, checking the website at midnight! I went to my Target Sunday, and looked and looked in all the spots I thought the stuff might be. Finally asked, and had the blank stare reaction –but the clerk called the manager, and he said they had some items on endcap C23 in wrapping paper. I raced there–was very disappointed. Scrapbooks, wrapping paper, file folders, magnets, calendars, all of poor quality, in my opinion—made in China using unimaginative graphics. The paperweight was a huge disappointment, had a lame butterfly graphic, and was acrylic, done cheaply. I still purchased stickers, magnets, and file folders. Can only assume the trays etc are coming next week. So check near the wrapping paper, but don’t be too excited. Also–I tried to use the labels that came with the file folders, they looked cool–but they don’t stick, because the finish on the cardboard is shiny–they curled up and fell off within minutes. Boo.

  17. Well, I too went to the Target Store near Sacramento, and alas could not find the John Derian line. I thought the coasters, trays etc., would be great for my Bunco and Book club meetings. Just something new and different and not too much in cost outlay. So, guess I’ll wait awhile.

  18. Target does some great stuff for the masses – I lament not having picked up some of the Philippe Starck items years ago…I went to my Targets – & like the Tord Boontje holiday installation/ product presentation 2 (?) years ago – I found the security guard at the front entrance more informed than the employees – who looked blankly when I asked about J. Derian- I grabbbed a Domino to show the mgr. the double spread ad! 9/2 I spoke with another mgr. who said they are scheduled to go on-sale 9/14 & cannot be handled electronically at POS until the internal "launch" day – as usual I'll be cherry picking – though they did a quality job w/ the paper products from Isabelle de Borchgrave. Happy shopping! It'll be fun to mix the high & low on my diningroom walls!

  19. Sunday May 7th in the Seekonk, MA store: I arrived as the store opened and asked a very capable clerk about it. An end cap was getting set up (stationery items only). She said that there would be more (houseware items) the following Sunday (September 14). So try again. BTW, a search on the target.com web site for “Derian” produces nothing relevant. Good luck.

  20. I finally located the minimal display at my local target (NJ) yesterday. I was seriously disappointed. There’s a picture posted on my blog. None of the John Derian items that I really wanted were available. The only thing for purchase was wrapping paper, scrapbooks, calendars and note cards. Seriously disappointing!

  21. OK guys, I work for Target and here is the scoop:

    The Derian merchandise is in TWO places in the store – on an endcap in stationery (does not have his name anywhere on it, just a “New At Target” header) and on an endcap in furniture/home accessories (has his name at the top big and bold).

    If all you could find was the stationery, your store did not set the second endcap yet.

    Stationery was due to be set the WEEK of 9/7 – but could be set as late as the 13th. Home Acc was due to be set the WEEK of 9/14 – but could be set as late as the 20th. Hence the confusion in the magazine articles. Not our fault in the stores, please be kind!

    The product is very cool and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, don’t give up!

    And please be nice to the team members who don’t know what you are talking about when you ask – the name placement on the stationery product is VERY discreet, word has been slow to get out in the stores.

  22. I saw this blog last weekend and went to 4 Target stores and didn’t find John Derian’s products. Probably a good thing because people want what he makes! I live in Philly and satisfied my craving for John Derian decoupage at Bruges Home.

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