1. Wow. This teak counter top looks great. We just remodeled an Old Dutch Colonial Home by the Sea in RI…, and are now pondering the kitchen. While granite might be the obvious answer I am not sure. We have a wood floor too and I used to think that a wood counter top would be too much. But it looks so awesome in these pictures. Would teak have the benefit to be less expensive than granite, probably not, right?

  2. love the look…that tub! gorgeous! my only concern about the kitchen sink is if it would be a place for bacteria. They say not to use wood chopping blocks cuz its absorbs germs. but am sure they finish it so that nothing gets in or out…

  3. Love that teak farm sink…gorgeous. Maya, what about soapstone for the counter top? I think teak would not be any less than granite…and everyone has granite these days… I don’t know if soap stone is any less, but it sure is beautiful…would look great with wood floors, and a white farm sink..

  4. Maya, There is an image of what appears to be a soapstone counter and white farm sink on Absolutely Beautiful Things blog spot.. I think that really works with dark wood floors..don’t know the color of your cabs, and floors… just trying to help!! The teak counters are gorgeous too!!

  5. Ivy and Maya- Soapstone, while gorgeous, is incredibly easily stained and has to be taken very good care of. Like lots of beautiful things, it’s rather high matainence. Try honed absolute black granite as an option or Caesarstone in Lagos Azul (gorgeous).

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