Whippet. Whippet Good.

So we all know that Kelly Wearstler took a random ceramic white whippet dog statue and turned it into a full on trend. They are everywhere now, and as much as I hate to admit it- I love them. It seems overdone and cliche to want one to sit in my foyer or by the fireplace, but I do!

(left: The Viceroy, right: Nikki Hilton’s apartment via Paris Hotel Boutique)

Below left is the whippet that I passed on at a CT antiques store for $75! Sometimes I am such an idiot. In the middle is one that is on sale from Horchow, to the right Lynn from Paris Hotel Boutique’s own whippet (how charming is this one?)

Even J.Crew has gotten in on the action with their pair of whippet dogs beaded onto a t-shirt!

I saw this vintage whippet poster, left, and thought it was gorgeous! And to the right is a humorous take on a vintage propaganda poster from Obey the Pure Breed (they have most breeds and I think are fantastic!)

So what do you guys think about the whippet craze?


  1. Yes Con, it was in Putnam and it was there for one day- I went back the next and some genius had snatched it up. :(

  2. OMG! I SO want a whippet statue. I’ve been looking for one in my city FOREVER. Nevermind that I have two real, furry ones.
    PS – I also blogged about the JCrew shirts and the Obey the Purebreed designs – whippets are so stylin, aren’t they? Cheers!

  3. Erin, I actually found this post Googling Whippet images. I have 2 whippets, and I love whippet statues!! This is a great post.

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