Design Crush: Celerie Kemble!

OK, so I just got back from my little Celerie lecture and am in awe. She is so balanced and healthy in her approach to decorating- not to mention TALENTED AS HELL. She spoke about pleasing clients, combining high and low (love that she put a $3,500 table top in a $99 Ikea table base!), decorating out of her comfort zone and much more.
Julie and I went back to the Schumacher showroom for the meet and greet amongst her new fabric line and met her and she was so unaffected, so friendly- munching on mini quiche telling us about how her house is “a mess” and that she can’t afford the same things she recommends to her clients. I almost forgot WHO she was speaking with her, as she seemed like she could just be a girlfriend, but then I glanced at the book she was holding and, oh yeah, it had her name on the cover. Hello.
Anyways, it was such a pleasure to meet such a successful woman in this business who was simply put, so cool.

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  1. I absolutely love the colors she used in the room with her on the sofa. I presented a picture of this room to a client last year for inspiration in their very Asian inspired home but sadly the grey walls freaked them out too much. Its nice to hear she is down to earth as so many people are affected in this bizz.

  2. Hi Erin – I was there today too! Celerie’s talk was great, wasn’t it? She was very down to earth and was nice enough to do a mini-interview with me (which I’ll post shortly). Did you stay for Eric Cohler? He was pretty fabulous as well! Good day at the BDC. Are you going tomorrow?

  3. Annie, I so love the colors of that room too- moody but yet totally elegant. She was crazy cool- even grabbed some fabrics for me that she thought would go with one I was talking about!

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