1. I’m in love with that. You must get it. I would get a pair!!!! Ah now I want one. Must figure out how to sneak more furniture in my house without the husband finding out.

  2. I know. I really want two. Also would look great at the foot of a bed! But alas, I think the hubby would kill me if I bought more furniture.

  3. isn't the Shock Wave in Sand & Sable gorgeous! I have a swatch of it right here as I type and I am dying to find the right piece to upholster it in. Yumma!

  4. Yes, these are replicas of MUCH more expensive stools. I actually was dreaming about them last night. I think I may have to bite the bullet (sorry honey!)

  5. if you dreamt about it then you MUST make it a reality! one can really never have too much furniture, as one may buy a larger house or get a second house in the future. you must prepare now for the future by stocking up on great items. anyway that is my excuse–you could try using it on your hubbie!

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