What’s Old is New…and Fabulous

I came across the site for Architectural Artifacts in Chicago while perusing a magazine- I finally went onto the site this morning and uncovered a great selection of furniture, architectural elements and accessories from around the world and throughout history. Adding older, worn antiques to your home, especially a new construction home, is a wonderful way to give it depth and weight, not to mention boatloads of character. You don’t want everything to be bright, shiny and new- or all very expensive (or all very cheap, for that matter). The high/low-old/new mix is ESSENTIAL to creating a personalized, rich space that you feel comfortable enough to really LIVE in, but also proud to show off!
Here are some of my finds from the site-enjoy!

Adding an architectural salvage mantle to a new construction home is a great way to add character!! Below are polished iron and limestone ($28k!) mantles

Also, using old doors and gates can really individualize a space- this door below made me swoon, as did this pair of gates!

Putting some modern, new dining chairs around an old table (the top one is an old candy making table from Argentina) can look so special and unique.

This glass and iron cabinet below is something I might give up my first born for. LOVES IT!

Imagine this container rack in the ultimate chef’s kitchen for spices, sugar, flour, etc.

Wooden garden obelisks- amazing.
I wouldn’t mind having this old 1930’s sign in my office! :)

These hanging iron garden chairs are from an ice cream parlor in Argentina! How charming is that back story?


  1. oh my! love it all! those glass canisters- Court & I saw them at Round Top last year – we talked about filling them with gum balls and candy! Delightful! What a fabulous post Erin!!!

  2. I KNOW! I love this too. Awesome website! And while E and I were talking about filling those jars with candy and rotting our teeth in the process, I LOVE the idea of filling them with flour, sugars, etc for a kitchen. Would be amazing and save tons of pantry space! Fab post.

  3. All of these things are absolutely fabulous! I especially love the tables, the iron and glass cabinet, and the large card catalog. -Sigh-

  4. Oh Erin~
    How I ADORE your blog, and Feedblitz!
    I look forward to the yumminess of the information you share with us on adaily basis. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration!
    xxxooo Ruth

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