UncategorizedSeptember 8, 2008

White Wonderland

So I’m back from a busy weekend and already off to an even busier one. We leave for Sea Island in 2 days and I have so much work to do it’s insane (not to mention go looking for a new washer since ours broke last week-ugh!) In this haze of stress and business I really wish I were retiring to one of the rooms I saw this weekend at The Cottage House, the sister property to The Lord Thompson Manor where the wedding I was in was held (and my wedding was held three years ago!) The six rooms in the cottage are for wedding guests only and they are done in all white- a look I have always loved in bedrooms but never been able to upkeep myself (self tanner + white sheets= gross). The lovely wide plank old wood floors that extended even into the bathrooms, the white beds, bedding and antique inspired fixtures -all just LOVELY and serene- don’t you agree?

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