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Found It! Short Tub from "The Holiday"

In searching high and low for another version (i.e. cheaper) of Waterworks’ Candide bathtub I came across The Albion Bath Co. in England. They have some of the most gorgeous bathtubs I’ve ever seen, including the adorable short tub with burnished pewter exterior as seen in my favorite visual candy movie “The Holiday”!!! It’s called “The Tubby” and I love it!!!
Other Albion tubs:

Need Me Some Naeem

So last night I was on a sugar high and could not fall asleep- so I stayed up and watched Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. I love Tim and would watch anything he is on plus Boston’s own Gretta Moynahan is the co-host now and I’ve been getting my brows done at her salon for 6 years!
Anyways, they took the girl he was “making over” to see designer Naeem Khan and when she was trying on all the dresses in his showroom I was gasping- every single one looked amazing on this everyday, normal girl! Some designers wares you know only look great on a size 00, 5′ 11″ walking coat hanger- but these dresses looked great on the runway AND in real life. And Naeem- what a DOLL! He gave the girl her pick of his dresses and she chose my favorite one, this slinky, sparkly python shift with an insanely sexy back.

I looked in my fashion file and pulled out this crinkled picture of Debra Messing from Town & Country a while back- lo and behold, the dress is Naeem Khan! I just love his amazingly luxurious, detailed fabrics and his simple yet sexy styles.

If I had to walk a red carpet right now, you’d better believe I’d be wearing one of his dresses!

Below left is ther PERFECT hip mother of the bride outfit. I love the collared shirt + mermaid skirt!

The dress below left is not one I would pick off the rack or from this picture, but the girl from Tim’s show tried it on and it was MAGNIFICENT!

Celebs love rocking some Naeem… I loved that red dress Carrie Underwood wore, now I know who it’s by!

Below is Naeem’s home as featured in the Elle Decor book, So Chic. You can see how his style permeates fashion AND home decor.

His table at the DIFFA dinner

Tips from Naeem on dressing:

  • Be honest about your size.
  • Have a good tailor.
  • Confidence is the thread that holds any look together.
  • Dress to impress – fashion is a direct language; what you wear is how you introduce yourself to the world.
  • Restraint is fundamental to elegance – keep it simple.
  • Don’t always rely on current trends. Pick and choose, try to make what’s “in style” work for you.
  • Wear what you know looks good on your body type and is flattering.
  • Buy what excites you.
  • Know how to properly accessorize. The right accessories can update any look.
  • Don’t wait for a special occasion to wear special clothing. Make every day an occasion.

Industrial Chic

I saw these two vintage metal cabinets on Found Objects of Industry and immediately thought how great they would look in a grand bathroom filled with white fluffy towels and jars of bath soaps and the like. Putting an industrial, vintage looking piece in an otherwise new, sleek bathroom is such a great way to add interest (and storage at the same time). Other great finds from the site:

The following plumbing fixtures are virtual gifts to Erika, since I know how much she loves some good ol’ antique plumbing!

Birds of a Feather

I was at the Schumacher showroom yesterday chatting with the lovely manager when she excitedly told me she had something to show me. She came out of the back with a new book called “Nest” which are these unbelievable new “wall coverings” (I feel silly calling them that because covering a wall in them, while totally fabulous, would be the cost of a new car). Each panel, which is roughly 118″x38″ is paper backed and covered in the most amazing little feathers you’ve ever seen (don’t worry, no birds are harmed, they probably in nicer conditions than most humans). Pictures do not even BEGIN to do this stuff justice- it is so magnificent. Imagine framing a panel and putting it in an entryway…talk about a statement piece!

Feathers are huge right now in fashion, again, showing the translation from runway to hallway…

Images via F. Schumacher, and J.Crew