Barefoot Heaven

Everyone and their mother has done a post about this Ina Gartenarticle, but I just had to do one as well in case like, 2 of your missed it. I mean, this place is just stunning- STUNNING. Oh and FYI- this is not her house, this is her barn. If that’s a barn, then my place is an outhouse!

This bathtub makes me want to cry a little it’s so gorgeous.

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  1. This is incredible! A little Kevin Tubridy much? I especially love the light hardwood floors (what wood is that?). But the bathtub alcove is my favorite.

  2. I just read through that House Beaufiful last night, her spread was the only one I liked in there. I think you need to get your parent’s place in that mag…

  3. Well, I hadn’t seen this before and it’s fantastic. I’d love to sneak in there and take a nap. Or a bath. I love Ina.

  4. I love Ina. I took a day off from work to stand in line for 2.5 hours, so she could autograph my cookbook.

    I want her life and her kitchen.

  5. i love the checked chair. i’ve been drooling over these photos recently as well. seriously, it’s her barn? i’m squealing with jealousy.

  6. Question for you: What do you think of the decor? Not the architecture, but rather her style? I personally love it, but do you think it’s a little too devoid of color?

  7. That tub is Waterworks and it’s the perfect tub.
    As for the decor, while a bit devoid of color (a little celery green somewhere maybe) it looks totally wonderful to me!

  8. I must be the only one who hasn’t seen this gorgeous barn. It is perfection indeed.
    Thanks for posting these pics for the ‘a bit behind’ bloggers like me!

  9. I had not seen these. So, Thank You! I’ve always loved her style as it translates through her cookbooks.

  10. Oh if it’s that a barn. Then moo moo moo. I want to move in. She lives on L.I. just like me. Perhaps I should make it out east and drive to find her place!

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