Birds of a Feather

I was at the Schumacher showroom yesterday chatting with the lovely manager when she excitedly told me she had something to show me. She came out of the back with a new book called “Nest” which are these unbelievable new “wall coverings” (I feel silly calling them that because covering a wall in them, while totally fabulous, would be the cost of a new car). Each panel, which is roughly 118″x38″ is paper backed and covered in the most amazing little feathers you’ve ever seen (don’t worry, no birds are harmed, they probably in nicer conditions than most humans). Pictures do not even BEGIN to do this stuff justice- it is so magnificent. Imagine framing a panel and putting it in an entryway…talk about a statement piece!

Feathers are huge right now in fashion, again, showing the translation from runway to hallway…

Images via F. Schumacher, and J.Crew


  1. Oh that’s amazing. You have a great fun job to be surrounded by all these things day in and out. I love the feathers. Lately I’ve been on a peacock feather kick. So this totally feeds that desire.

    How was the concert last night?

  2. I don’t know how I would feel about a whole room done in feathers, but a panel framed would be very cool!

    I LOVE those yellow shoes from J Crew- I want them now!!

  3. feathers + entryway=loads of dust. how to clean said feather wall covering. think i will just stick with the most amazing yellow feather shoes–i die!

  4. Wow, that is so amazing! Wish I had the money to cover just one wall! But then again my dog would have a fit over it since he seems to go nuts with feathers. =)

  5. So neat! I have had the wallpaper on the right bookmarked for a while now. I just love it. I can only imagine how fantastic it must look in person.

  6. It does not seem possible that the birds are not harmed. Surely someone is not following them around to pick up loose feathers. I fear birds are killed and stripped of their plumage. I agree with annieo’s comment. Congrats on a great blog.

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