The Bright and Bold Eileen Boyd

I am loving designer Eileen Boyd’s style right now- her fearless use of bright colors and a modern sensibility underwritten by a strong traditional base is dead on with my design philosophy. It’s making me want to do yellow, light blue and grey in my house now and skip the orage (see how ADD I am with design?) :)


  1. I love her’s bright, it’s bold..but restrained JUST enough.. is easy to be design ADD with all these wonderful inspiring designers to read up on! :)

  2. Beautiful. I love her pictures in Traditional Home. My dining room is actually a sidewalk grey and I was thinking of adding touches of yellow and some pinks. I haven’t done anything yet, because my furniture has yet to arrive, but her spread reassured me that I was on to something with the yellow.

  3. I’m design ADD, too! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a different house or apartment for every design scheme? Something to dream about… Great post!

  4. the yellow striping makes me so happy! although i’m still partial to the pops of green and blue towards the bottom.

    and i love the chaise chairs in the last picture – such a cute pattern.

    great post!

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