Country Weekend

Spent the weekend in Connecticut relaxing in the crisp October air. A much needed few days off!
Check out these insanely gorgeous dahlias I bought from a man selling them out of big buckets at a cafe in my parent’s town. $1 a stem and knock you down beautiful in person!

The leaves were gorgeous and Baxter had a good time rolling around in them while we took it easy. We had friends down and made a fire outside and cooked a big meal with lots of wine.

We also went to check out my Dad’s new building on the Pomfret School campus. It’s fabulous- slight Craftsman influence, which is not typical of my Dad’s work, and just the most amazing dual sided fireplace ever!

I think I needed a couple more days out there! Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. It looks like you had a great weekend. What a beautiful home your parents have. Love the ceiling in the new building your dad did.

    I had quite the busy weekend. Cleaning and trying to finally do some finishing touches around the house. We’ve already been there over a year and so many things are still not done.

    I can’t wait for friday!

  2. I love the dahlia! You have inspired me to go out and get some fresh flowers today. I especially love the pine table you have them on. Is that your mom’s, or yours? The leaves, and that fireplace……breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing. You’re a lot more fun to read than the current news.

  3. I too am from that part of the world and missing home for the color at this time of year, thank you for posting these pictures to help ease the homesickness!

    My Grandfather grew dalhia’s as big as my hand and disappointly, the bulbs, which take forever to advance to that point, were carelessly un-lloked after for a year. Now they are gone. But, had they been tended to properly, I understand magnificent bulbs of this sort can bloom magnificently for decades, and certainly did for him for at least two… Thanks again!

  4. The view from your parents’ house looks amazing; I love the beautiful fall foliage as far as the eye can see!

    I also think your dad’s new building looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and Baxter? He looks adorable!!

  5. That picture of your husband(?) reading a book, could be on the cover of a travel magazine! Sounds like a fun weekend.

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