Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Which is which, can YOU tell?

A friend/client showed me a yard of this fabric she snagged for $20 a yard at a discount fabric shop. I almost passed out- it is a dead ringer for Brunschwig & Fils Dzhambul print. It does not come in the same colorways, is a nubbier fabric and a smaller pattern- but it is DAMN CLOSE if you are looking for the pink/red/blue version!!!


  1. I have actually used the 20 dollar one for a client before- I found it at Fabric Factory and Pindler and Pindler in Dallas and thought it looked more pricey than it was! Small world.

  2. oh i so want that for pillows. loved it on your bench in your home shots. how pricey is the orig. version?

  3. I did a post on this in April 2008. The $20 per yard version is a great alternative to the Brunschwig. I’ve seen it in person — nice texture but the medallions are much smaller.

    I happen to have Brunchwig’s Dzhambul on my bench, but I recommend the Lewis Sheron (Atlanta store) to many readers and friends :)

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