In With Tradition

As you might be able to tell, I have design ADD. One day I’m having a very monochromatic moment, the next all I want is bright, bright, bright. Today I’m having a traditional moment. I think maybe it’s the crisp New England fall air and the feeling of coziness that comes along with it. I saw this spread on Boston designer Gerald Pomeroy’s home in the South End (where I so want to live) and thought it was beautifully done!

I am having a very amorous moment with dark blue-grey walls right now. Especially with burnt orange and yellow accents. This color looks gorgeous.

I am full on OBSESSED with the beveled calcutta marble backsplash. This will BE in my next home.

images via Traditional Home


  1. I have to admit, that is so my style. I love everyone of those photos.

    I was watching “Brothers and Sister” last night (First time I saw a whole episode). I noticed how the dining room, entry way, et al had tons of dark grey.

  2. Wow, that place is amazing!! I too, would LOVE to live in the South End. In one of those amazing Brownstones, but of course I want the whole building, one floor just won’t cut it :)

    I love driving around that area at night and seeing all the beautiful apartments with their lights on (I know totally stalkerish) but it’s amazing to see all the different kinds of places. One building will be totally traditional on the outside, but has all modern decor; the next will be a pretty cherry wood panel library with a huge ornate chandelier in the middle. It’s a good dream trip.

  3. Oh my, that marble is amazing. I love the backsplash and the sink. What a beautiful home. I’m going thru design ADD as well. I was actually tossing and turning last night over how I was going to accessorize my upstairs bathroom. I took the plunge and painted it black!

    I love South End as well. My younger sister’s both went to BC so I have spent many weekends in the Boston area. Beautiful city.

  4. I’m in love with the charcoal walls as well. That would be a great color for my teenage son’s room. Thanks for the great post!

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