Life & FamilyOctober 2, 2008

Kelly LOVES Her Crimper.

Oh Kelly Wearstler. Your designs changed my life, but why oh why must you now torture me by using your crimper ALL. THE. TIME. It’s bad, Kelly. Real bad. It wasn’t even good in the 80’s when it was “in”. I think I’ve burned every photo of myself with this look (not to mention the braces, teal eyeshadow and puffy painted shirts that weren;t helping the matter either).

And while we are on the topic of KW, I am going to say this- and it pains me to do so, sacrilegious really- but her spread in this month’s Domino was really disappointing. I really disliked the “new 70’s Kelly” look. What did you guys think?

P.S. I *heart* Eddie Ross (who was ROBBED on that table setting challenge) and Nathan- who was hilarious last night.

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