Kelly LOVES Her Crimper.

Oh Kelly Wearstler. Your designs changed my life, but why oh why must you now torture me by using your crimper ALL. THE. TIME. It’s bad, Kelly. Real bad. It wasn’t even good in the 80’s when it was “in”. I think I’ve burned every photo of myself with this look (not to mention the braces, teal eyeshadow and puffy painted shirts that weren;t helping the matter either).

And while we are on the topic of KW, I am going to say this- and it pains me to do so, sacrilegious really- but her spread in this month’s Domino was really disappointing. I really disliked the “new 70’s Kelly” look. What did you guys think?

P.S. I *heart* Eddie Ross (who was ROBBED on that table setting challenge) and Nathan- who was hilarious last night.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you about the KW spread in domino. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Her patterns at Schumacher are great, but other than that I think she is too “much” usually.

  2. Agree with you about Kelly, the bedroom walls are atrocious, as is that desk, and her hair… but more importantly, you gotta give a girl fair warning w/ a spoiler alert! I had DVR’ed Top Design and was planning on watching it tonight!!

  3. Is there something wrong with Kelly’s breasts? I’m not sure what’s going on with the cleavage.

  4. I totally agree with all of you ladies. Even my husband who rarely comments during Top Design was really shocked by her look. Especially after I explained who she was in the world of Interior Design. The black/white hat, that black jacket, the hair. Oh my! I wonder what Rachel Zoe whould think.

    I loved Eddie’s tablescape as well. Plus I loved Nathan’s comment about being poisoned by the other contestants. All in all it was a good episode.

  5. I SO agree about Eddie, LOVE him. He was robbed AGAIN. And Kelly’s spread in Domino was just plain scary…it makes me sad as I used to love her style.

  6. I cannot agree more strongly!!!!! Hated it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is the deal? Is she trying to start a new trend, because it isn’t going to work! The hat thing too, yuck!!!!!!!!!! India on the other hand, was tasteful and elegant.

  7. really not a fan of the spread in Domnio…it was so overdone and cluttered (two things I hate). Seems like the kind of design that you’d get sick of in a few months (if you weren’t sick over it to begin with). I’m all for color and some interest, but her rooms just looked messy.

  8. I don’t mind that second photo from the Domino spread, but I absolutely loathe the wallpaper in the first! However interesting KW may look on the show I’ve got to give her props- she doesn’t follow anyone else’s rules! Margaret on the other hand is absolutely classically beautiful! And I agree with your Eddie love because I dig the Martha Stewart look!

  9. i completely agree! i wanted to cry when i saw the bedroom walls – they look like a bad pattern on a days inn bedspread or something. just awful. but hey – there was no crimped hair anywhere in the article! the softer look suits her, i think. someone should probably have a crimper intervention.

  10. You know, that spread made me cringe. I love the fabrics and the layered look of the fabrics all together, but too much stuff in those rooms. It feels like a storage room with so many knick-knacks everywhere. I also don’t like that green table thing that looks like corian. uck.

  11. I saw her new fabric line at Lee Jofa yesterday and while there are a couple decent prints, when I saw the one that is on the walls in this spread in person I almost threw up a little. REALLY ugly and I expect there won’t be much success with it like Imperial Trellis (all hail Imperial Trellis!!!)

  12. I love Kelly’s wacky looks. No one wears hats anyone, and I think they are fab. I also liked the crimped beehive…but not so much the other crimped styles.

    I’m actually working on a clothing style homage to Kelly :)

  13. Very well put Erin. I looked at her Domino spread several times trying to get it and it just was not happening. And I too LOVE Eddie Ross, and yes, Nathan was hilarious last night, he is growing on me too.

  14. The Domino spread was awful. At first I thought it was just me – not hip enough to “get it”. But no, it looks like a pimp’s house!

  15. Thanks for posting about KW. I totally don’t get her look on the show plus I have not been liking her designs of late. I thought it was just me and I was missing a key element in my design dna. xo MB

  16. you all are so right on with the KW comments. i felt like her spread in domino was terrible, but then i felt terrible since i must not be “hip” enough to understand her new design aesthetic. guess she is tired off all the copycats–for sure noone is copying her new look! although, i think Eddie will win the entire TD season, i have always LOVED Nathan. he is so dry and witty. the poisoning comment nearly took me off my seat. and how PO did eddie look when Nathan won the 2nd competition for the table–if looks could kill. i just love the editing of that show!

  17. I thought it was just me, but her spread in Domino wasn’t my fav. It was nice, just not my style. It was interesting to see the response from that issue. It seems like everyone went crazy over Rita’s house because it was down to earth. A pretty place made of simple and thoughtful details instead of something so over the top.

    Her crimped hair has got to go!

  18. I doubted my taste when I saw the latest KW spread in Domino. I HATED it, but thought, “This is Kelly! I should be liking this!”

    Thank the Lord for your frank comments and bringing me back to Earth!

  19. My mom and I just discussed this spread a few days ago, and we both agree that her new stuff made us a bit sick. There were bits and pieces to the rooms that I didn’t mind, but overall, I am not a fan.

    The wallpaper is so horrendous and completely reminds me a cheap motel room. I am positive the ’80s called, and they want that back.

  20. Just plain BAD…I am so disappointed in that Ms. W..comes off almost mean in “Top Design”..she seems so nasty… and then the crimping…the up-do just threw me right over the edge!

    I am laughing at the Rachel Zoe comment… I too wonder what she thought if she was watching!!!

  21. Eddie is a brat:) He thinks he is Gods gift because he works for “the best”. If one more person says they like him Im gonna scream!!!

  22. You know I always love reading your blog and weirdly always agree with you. I am thinking the only thing I might have a thought on however is Eddie. Here’s the thing: He said it himself “this is my job. This is what I do” so I am wondering if he did EXACTLY what they expected…a beautiful tablescape. I think Jonathon Adler’s face said it all (which by the way…he can’t hide his emotions and it makes me laugh i.e. “Zen-like”..he must a throw up a little in his mouth)but what I am throwing out there is maybe Eddie needs to stretch a little. They know he is probably one of the most talented so thus the reason by doing the unexpected sometimes. Just a thought?? And KW…give it up girl! We need a crimper intervention. LEIGH SC

  23. Okay, I totally agree with you about Kelley. I think she is brilliant at what she does, but I liked her whole Hollywood Regency / Palm Springs vibe SO much better than the whole new
    70’s thing. I literally flipped through Domino and wondered if I was the only one who strongly disliked it. I don’t get the whole crimped thing, either, but I have an 80’s party coming up so I may just take a note from KW and crimp my hair. LOL!

  24. I forgot to mention how much I ADORE Eddie Ross! He is amazing and super sweet to boot. Did you see the interview I did with him a couple of weeks ago, Erin? He is very down-to-earth and just loves what he does.

  25. Oh I agree about the domino spread…it was definitely an uninspiring disappointment. And don’t get me started on the crimper…love Kelly but her hair looked like the bride of Frankenstein this week!

  26. I love how everyone was harboring this intense dislike of her new designs but was afraid to say it!

  27. Does anyone feel like the KW thing is all a little too”The Emperor’s New Clothes”? A lot of hype she’s still riding on from the past and maybe she’s seeing how much she can get away with now before someone has the guts to tell her it’s downright ugly? Those low-cut shots are not doing her any favors either – gross. Looks like she’s wearing a latex dickey or her skin’s about to tear away from her chest wall in the cleavage area. Hurts me to look at it!

  28. The crimped hair, botched boob job, and a bad fabric line? She must have hit a snag while tapping into her design mojo. If nothing else, she MUST help the breasts. They look terribly stretched and painful.

    I think Eddie is misunderstood. Personally, I respect his knowledge and talent.

  29. i almost died when i saw the lamp i lost in the last 10 seconds on ebay…it was the one at the start of the article. truly killed me to lose that one…and to lose it to her is killing me even as i write this!

  30. I don’t think anything could be more aging than crimped hair. Even a beautiful face can’t pull it off. The domino spread was disappointing for me. It was a little depressing – like a bad hotel, no motel.

  31. I was not at all impressed with the Domino spread and the designs; could it be KW feels ‘invincible’ and because she’s riding high right now, she can put forth anything…even a cheesy 70’s hotel look and we will all love it?…you’re only as good as your last design, isn’t that the saying? Hope we see more impressive stuff soon!

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