1. Your house is AMAZING!!! Would you mind sharing where you got your rug that is in the entry way with the picture gallery from?

  2. That is the BEST RUG West Elm ever made. They made it in grass green/cream too which was so killer. I am so sad they no longer have it. Maybe eBay? I think it was called the Moroccan Window rug…

  3. Your house looks so great , I love the blue in the black cabinet , wonderful , I had a tv crew here yesterday filming my house for a segment on a national canadian talk show , busy week for us .
    Congrats .

  4. Your house looks fantastic! Where did you find the chevron pillows on your bench if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. wowza! can’t wait to see the results of this one. i love the light blue pillows in your living room – they’re the best. and your “sad cloud” painting looks great in your entry way!

  6. Such a beautiful and stylish home. I thought this was from an interior magazine. Very inspiring.

  7. Erin,

    Everything looks perfect. I love all of the rooms. I love all of the little touches like the tablescape on the dining room table.

    You must put these new images up on your website.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.


  8. Thanks everyone!!! I know I need to update my website, I just can;t seem to figure out how to do it- will be working on that ASAP!

  9. Gorgeous!
    Where did you find the ceiling fixture in your entryway? (and I’m hoping that it is $10 from West Elm). :)

  10. Beautiful! I love your new pillows and all the seasonal accents…it really brings everything together and looks very inviting. Can’t wait to see pics from the photo shoot :o)

  11. Looks great! Please be sure to post the article when it’s done! You are so good with decor, can’t wait to hear what you have to say about fashion!

  12. your house is beautiful. do you mind if i ask where you got your couch from and the amazing bench? thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Love your home! I was wondering, where did you get that great shower curtain? I love it and must have it!

  14. You house looks awesome! I love everything!!

    I loved those orange pillows you posted about, I went to target that night to get them. Right after I got them home it hit me that the BF is allergic to feathers, so back they have to go…so sad.

  15. Great pad! I am interested to know what wall color you choose, it makes a great backdrop to all of your great finds!

  16. Super inspiring! I’ve been struggling with my entryway, and yours has so many lovely elements to it. Your whole home is so welcome and inviting. And yes, be sure to share the pix of the fashion shoot.


  17. Everything looks GORGEOUS, Erin! Where did you get the fabulous black and white chevron pillows on the bench in the hallway?

  18. Beautiful Style!! Any chance you can share where the sofa came from?? I have been shopping around and I love that one! =)

  19. My sofa is from Boston Interiors and was a steal at $799! :) I actually do not like the way the fabric I chose came out, so it’s a bit of a bummer for me, but the lines are great.
    The zig zag pillows are by Twinkle Living and are navy and white, but cone in various colors. These are actually supposed to be on my bed, but I moved them for the shoot!

  20. I absolutely love your house! It’s a very nice mix of neutrals with great shots of color mixed in. I would love to know what color is on your walls. I’ve been trying to decide on a color for 8 months (I literally have had paint swatches taped to my wall for that long). I’m tempted to go all white because I love that look, but am afraid it might look too bare or unfinished. Your walls look perfect! Thanks:)

  21. I have never seen such a adorable post and comments on it. I’m in love with this Wonderful blog.

    The post is great, keep on sharing

  22. I really want to do a wall of photos in my new place and am stumped. I am especially unsure of the color of the frames. Why did you choose white? It looks great. I am afraid if I use tons of different frames it will look messy in my small space. ANy suggestions of where to buy frames?

  23. I used white so the overall look would be lighter and cleaner. I bought a lot of frames at West Elm, Pottery Barn and IKEA! Also, you can buy lots of various ones in random colors but great textures and spray paint them with glossy white spay paint!

  24. Great, thank you. I was worried because all of my furniture is dark wood. But after seeing your pictures I think the white will look ok.

  25. Hi!
    I bought some frames at Pottery Barn like you suggested. At home I realized they are more like an off white/cream color. Did you find this? Think I could still hang them with my really white frames?

  26. Your home is amazing! Very well done. Can you tell me where you got the brown/cream (or white) morrocan inspired rug in the entryway?

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