Design Crush: Lee Kleinhelter

My mom was in Atlanta visiting one of my brothers and his fiancee and she kept sending me texts with pictures from inside my favorite store, Pieces (a.k.a. Mecca). I was practically seizing with jealousy, screaming to my husband- “Ohhhh! Look at those chairs! Awww, and there’s the sign!!!”– he literally had no idea what I was talking about or why I was so enthralled with this shop. Maybe because I have the biggest design crush ever on Lee Kleinhelter, the owner of the store. She is who I want to be when I grow up. I mean, she’s beautiful, blessed with an amazing eye, has a AMAZING shop to call her own (and fill with goodies) and an enchanting home to retreat to after work with her cute hubby and dog. Her look is very Jonathan Adler meets Kelly Wearstler meets Celerie Kemble. In other words, friggin’ awesome.

Some images from her store via decor8’s flickr page. Check out her interview with Lee here!

Her home, which was published in a 2006 issue of Cottage Living.

Here are some goodies available now from her shop via 1st Dibs:

(this mirorred console is very Carrie BRadshaw’s apartment renovation, no?

Would kill for these bedside tables. And the lamps above to put on them, actually.

This sofa would be PERFECTION in my office.

These vintage lucite salad servers would be an amazing hostess gift!

She even has preppy cute dog things (which I will TOTALLY carry in my store when I open it someday)

Oh, and as a cherry on top of Lee’s sundae, her wedding was featured in wedding planner Tara Girard’s book, Southern Weddings. I picked it up while in the Sea Island gift shop and freaked when I saw Lee’s wedding in there. It was, of course, flawless. If you have a spare hour to drool over Tara’s site, I highly recommend it!


  1. Oh Erin, you never cease to amaze, I love this post! I believe I have found a new crush as well, thank you!!!

    Side note, would you ever post on styling for casual get togethers/entertaining at home? I love your ideas, but for somebody like me who lacks in creativity, I would love to see your ideas put together on say hosting a wine tasting at your home. Just an idea! Thanks!

  2. Sure! I’d love to do that- event styling is my other love! :) Check back tomorrow- I think that’s what I’ll post on!

  3. omg, I love you!! No for real I do…that green bed is amazing, and I just used kelly green to make a cover for my headboard! I’m borrowing that picture if you don’t mind and of course I’ll give you full credit for inspiring me.

    Love this post!

  4. Having just thrown myself a 30th birthday party, I have such an appreciation and respect for what an event stylist does. I would love,love,love to see what your ideas are!

  5. Great post. I hear such great things about Pieces. I can’t wait till I’m in the Atlanta area to check it out in person. I adore her. Maybe she can adopt us?

  6. Oh my Erin, you are truly amazing!! I am in L.O.V.E. Love it all. Keep up the good work, and I can not wait to see your event/hositng ideas. Thank you for lifting my spirits and sharing your knowledge.

  7. oh, one more thing! Does anyone have any idea where I might find the bedside table, or similar (and affordable!) in Lee Kleinhelter’s bedroom(the photo with the round mirror over it)?? Lindsb, love your green headboard….super cute room!

  8. FYI- I put our Foo Dog lamps on sale ($210 each) on our website now (I think it will be up either today or next Wedsday) in case you’re really dying for those Foo Dog lamps. You can pair them with chocolate silk shades that are on sale for $39. Just a thought :)

  9. i have always admired her home. i still pull that mag out every once in awhile to drool over her home. i really just need to make the 2 hour drive over to her store.

  10. I think the url for pieces is wrong and should point to instead.
    Otherwise love all as ever!

  11. I just recently did a bedroom blog post and her’s was at the top of the list! Love it! Can’t wait to see her new home! I’d love those red lamps with the brown shades in yellow for my bedroom!

  12. Holly- Thanks so much for stopping by and linking your interview- it’s great! Am going to add tot he post right now!

  13. OMG! This is all so YOU. i LOVE it. the orange and green, the bright colored dining chairs, the lamps! i adore it all, i’ve spent the last half hour looking around her site. thanks for sharing!

  14. You have picked a great crush–Lee is awesome in person as well. Her store has really invigorated the Atlanta design scene.

  15. I’ve had a design crush on her since that first Cottage Living as well. her store is SICK! I can’t think of another one I love as much. It’s also located near a ton of other great Atlanta home stores like Circa Lighting, Mitchell and Gold, ShopSCAD, and many more! If you get to hit Atlanta for shopping, don’t miss Paris on Ponce, Armour and Co., Space, and the shops near Star Provisions in West Midtown.

  16. I love the photos from that shop. I wish we had one here in California! That dog is adorable, makes me want to dress my Lucy (who is also a yellow lab) up in a hand knit scarf! Great post!!!

  17. This is an awesome blog. I love how your post aren’t completely biasedm you just put it out there in all forms of fabulushiousness! I also love how down to earth and total girl you are in your blogging. one would expect you to be uptight and traditional about it.

    keep it up

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