Not Your Basic Black

As soon as I saw Jenna Lyons on the cover of Domino I was all kinds of green with envy. Having seen her former place in Harper’s Bazaar’s Nov. 2007 “A Fashionable Life” issue (which I must have recycled and am kicking myself for it- anyone still have it?) I’ve been painfully aware of just how awesome she is.
Working her way up from an assistant buyer role, she now holds J.Crew’s Creative Director spot (hello- dream job) and lives in this fantastic renovated brownstone in NYC. While a bit surprising, her use of black in a bevy of spaces looks super chic yet makes a bold statement. I mean, if I told my husband I wanted to paint a nursery black, he’d probably commit me- but look how great it works for her here.
I love how you can totally see Jenna’s style woven through not only the clothes in the recent catalog, but also in her home…mixing rumpled and old with shiny and new and using lots of yellow, grey, black and white.
A class act, through and through.

The yellow sofa is just so bold and fabulous in a mostly black and white setting!

This pic above left reminds me of why all I want for X-mas is a tulip table with white carrera top!

The bedroom above I prefer with the bold border sheets shown on the cover, but LOVE how the black waals highlight the old fireplace mantel!

Above is Jenna’s “clothing room”- yep, not a closet, a ROOM. I know, I hate her too.

The yellow feather shoes are a MUST MUST MUST for me.


  1. i absolutely loved her home as well! i can’t wait to move into my apartment as i’ve been coveting a black wall FOR EVER and now i’m seeing them so much more in print – very chic. her settee in her dressing room is also fabulous!

  2. She has changed fashion for me for ever. The style in her home is gorgeous in the magazine, and her taste is like a thumbprint. I am not sure it is the warm and cozy I like to go home to, but I love it for her.

  3. I always love the contrast of black/white/dark gray and yellow …and of course, a little zebra!

  4. Oh love her style. I’m so made that my Domino hasn’t come in the mail yet. I know the section I pick it up at Barnes and Noble it will show up on my doorstep.

    I love all the touches of black. I recently painted my upstairs bathroom black even though everyone objected. It looks great and I love it.

  5. Did you know that babies can only see black and white at first so having a black and white room is the most stimulating to their brains. That said I still wouldn’t paint a babies room black and white!! I think they are really more for us.

  6. OMG that closet room, is well awesome and fabulous! That gold ring with all that sparkle is so cute! :) I want it!

    p.s. your reese witherspoon blog makes me feel the need to shop!! Which I have been fighting…
    Haa !

  7. I am so glad that we did not do our renovation, yet – because after seeing her, she gives new meaning in a good way, to never being finished. I love that we know a girl with style is never done.
    That closet, that kitchen, the floors…the windows.
    love it!
    Having been in fashion for years, that job is really tough and the ones that survive are the ones that exude style and are unique.

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