Orange You Glad It’s Fall?

While reading Jonathan Adler’s “10 Commandments for a Happy Chic home” I paused on #8:

It’s not just fall and the cozy colors that go along with it that is making me love orange right now- it’s such a modern color, with edge, richness and a crispness that doesn’t fade. I am loving a rich orange (think Hermes box orange) paired with turquoise right now and am planning to incorporate that color scheme into my living and dining rooms. I also love the look of a burnt orange paired with dark blue-grey, also incorporating pops of bright turquoise.

(I really, really want those lacquer boxes above from Plantation Home….I die.)

images via Habitually Chic, Point Click Home, Patricia Gray, Domino Magazine, Jonathan Adler, F. Schumacher.


  1. I love to see orange in such chic settings! I live in Knoxville, Tenn., where our football team (The Volunteers) wears safety-cone orange, so you see it in many, many very un-chic variations! You almost can’t use it here b/c people think you’re an overzealous Vol fan!

  2. Love this post. It’s funny how a trend gets started and then suddenly it is everywhere. I like this one. Thanks!

  3. I (heart) orange, and these examples are wonderful. Who makes the geometric patterned rug and the fabric on the chairs? Do you know? Thanks.

  4. Erin,

    I completely agree with you and Jonathan Adler. I love orange. It started out when my sister left for a semester abroad. Orange was her favorite color and in order to feel close to her I sported orange in my outfits. I ended up falling in love with it and making it my fav color as well. When I started decorating my living room. I went with a white sofa, sky blue club chairs with chocolate brown walls and white trim along with my numerous pops of orange in all of my accessories. I’m trying to sneak im some orange chinese fu dogs that I founds at Pier 1, but I’m not sure how that is going to fly with the hubby.

    I’m also in the search for an orange rug to complete the look. I’ll have to take some pics when I get home to show you.

    This is a j’adorable post.

    Yay Top Design is on tonight.

  5. I’m sending my mother this link. She can not stand the color. I love it, especially paired with an olive or bright green.

  6. High-Heeled-
    Your color scheme sounds right up my alley- send me a picture!!!

    BklynBabe- the rug is West elm (may not be available anymore- it was from last season) and the geometric chair fabric looks like a David Hicks print via Lee Jofa (Ashley Hicks for Groundworks).

  7. What a fresh, fun post! you just gave me a great idea for my kitchen chair covers!! I too am in love with that rug!!

  8. Erin, what is the fabric at the end of the post with the big organge and red flower? I love bold florals and this has so many great colors that are in my house? It’s probably Schumacher and $150 a yd….UGH. Leigh

  9. Thank you for doing a lovely, inspirational and beautiful post on orange!
    So many people are afraid of this color, yet we see from your examples in the photos just how stunning it can make a room.
    The same goes for me when I style an outfit and am working with a client’s wardrobe. Orange is one of my favorite colors to use as a pop, adding interest, richness and depth to any ensemble.

  10. Love it! So gorgeous and cozy!

    And it takes a LOT for me to love orange, as I live a stone’s throw from the University of Texas and am immersed in orange.

    Posted it on Kirtsy, too!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Great post Erin! I love the orange with the turquoise. Thanks for the great eye candy!!!

  12. You know, I’ve always associated orange with the 70s (truly a decade of bad fashion). But then I saw these pics you’ve posted and I love almost every one of them! And never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of pairing orange and turquoise but looking at these photos I can see how it would work.

  13. when I moved in with 2E the living room was orange…. well, now its blue. I love orange too (a lot) but in pops and accents.

  14. Beautiful post! Love the flowers. My kitchen is orange, and when we first painted it I didn’t like it but now I love it! Its such a fun and happy color and so many awesome colors work well with it.

  15. Leigh, that floral fabric is from F. Schumacher- it’s Celerie Kemble’s new line and it’s gorgeous! I can get a price for you….

  16. ack! i’m in love with the west elm rug. when i was younger i used to *despise* the color orange. go figure, now i can’t get enough. and JA’s commandments are hilarious and i definitely want to incorporate in my life.

  17. I love that you have taken to quoting Rachel Zoe, could somebody else possibly be as obsessed w/ that show as I am? I die!

  18. I cannot remember how/why I found your blog, but I just love it! I’m still in a teeny graduate school apartment- I know it’s not your type of work, but I’d love to see ideas for ‘student chic’.

    Keep up the lovely blog!

  19. Hey Erin,

    I found a similiar style box to the one that you liked at Plantation. It’s only 84.95. Plus it’s a jewelry box as well.

  20. I love your blog. It is so fun to check in and see what you will have up next. Gotta love orange. It’s fabulous!

  21. I love this post! I added orange into our bedroom last fall, and ever since I can’t get enough!

    Hmm- that doesn’t sound quite right… I haven’t added orange all over my house in some crazy orange fanatic way…

    I guess I just love it more and more all the time.

  22. This is a great post Erin, I love the pictures you chose. I was never a fan of orange but I think I am changing my mind on that. I love the orange and turquoise combos. And JA is growing on me more and more, he was fab on Top Design last night, esp when he used the word chandy, love it!

  23. I too am loving orange right now! I can’t seem to not put it in a project- it’s addicting and goes well with so many colors- chocolate, turquoise, hot pink, green

  24. This roundup made my day! I LOVE orange! My HS team and my college were both orange as well, and in the late 80s, early 90s, my prized possession were my orange Guess? jeans :)


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