Ruthie Sommers: American Idol

I know I have lauded the overflowing talent and business sense of Ruthie Sommers ad nauseum. But bear with me, as the release of her book approaches I have spent some time looking over her past designs and feeling very, very inspired. She is not only a master of the mix when it comes to the recipe for good interiors (a lot of this, a dash of that, a bit less of this- voila! Perfection!) but a great business woman as well who makes time for family while growing her business (read her Ladies Who Launch interview here). I’m pleased to say that my own little business and growing fast as well, being fully booked and bursting with excitement over my projects both big and small, I am looking ahead to see where I can take this. Looking at Ruthie’s great success only inspires me more! From the very first cover of Domino (above left) to the cover of her own book… a girl can dream, and make it come true.

above photos via Moodboard


  1. Courtney, you are just so ridiculously sweet. I would cut off a limb to be even half as talented as Ruthie!

  2. Eva- It comes out March 5th! Mark your calendar! That reminds me, I still need to pick up Lulu DK’s collage book!

  3. in my opinion, ruthie is the best. well, her and mary mcdonald. love them, love them. can’t wait to get my hands on her new book.

  4. do you know her shop chapman radcliff is closing!!!?? as reported on ugh wanted to make the trip to LA just for her shop. so sad.

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