Fashion Friday: Shopping High!

I’ve got the shopping bug. It was spurred by some great purchases last weekend and now my mind is reeling with the possibilities… (the hubby should stop reading now…)
I have a lovely charity event next week I have to attend and have been pondering outfits in my head and created this one, which I think is fabulous!

Work Event by elementsofstyle

And then I started thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday and what kids of cozy clothes to wear in the country, and came up with this:

Fall Weekend by elementsofstyle

And my beautiful coat FINALLY arrived yesterday from Nordstroms (below left in light blue, but mine is in dark olive green)- Loeffler Randall is a genius!!! It makes me feel like a MILLION bucks (but I scored it for 40% off during this magical 1 day only sale on everything in the store practically!) Some other Loeffler items I am coveting right now:

These snakeskin heels are so unbelievable I might cry.

The designer’s home was featured in Domino a ways back too- also adorable. I love that even someone this successful has West elm dining chairs!

Images from Domino via Habitually Chic.

OK, off for more work and then a little Friday shopping to reward myself for a BIG, busy week.
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. love the outfits you put together, very cute! I think I might copy your idea for the Thanksgiving outfit, its perfect country casual!
    And your new jacket, lets not talk about how jealous I am.

  2. Erin- Love, love the outfits you put together! Also, I am loving their house. Do you happen to know where the chair is from in the very last picture, right hand side?


  3. Oh my that jacket is amazing. I’m completely jealous. I want it. Plus 40% off that’s great.

    I love L.R. shoes as well. I have a long list of items that I want to buy from there.

  4. Check these out. I show them in Lucky last night and was shocked to see they were from Bakers. They look really similiar to the L.A.M.B. shoes for your work event and only $80!

  5. Yes, these are purely fictitious outfits- no way can I afford 90% of those things (esp. the 21k watch) :) Bring on the knock-offs!

  6. that country look is me almost every day in the fall. your new coat, well, i am slightly jealous. it is so stunning!

  7. Love your blog! I would love to be able to find that coat from Nordstroms – did you order it online? I love the collar!


  8. Great post! The nice thing about boards like that is that, you’re right, you don’t have to buy the uber-spendy stuff. Knock-offs and similar versions work just as well (well, as long as you avoid cheap fabrics). And who doesn’t have some version of the TG separates already in her closet? But maybe didn’t think to put them together like that?

  9. I found the perfect knock-off boots (from your Thanksgiving outfit). They are by BCBGirl and are $179…. the style is “Petler” and can be found at Macy’s, Nordstroms, Dillards, Zappos, etc.

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