Zen and the Art of Decorating.

I’ve recently re-committed to doing yoga on a regular bassi thanks to an awesome new class I found (I’d tell you who and where, but then I’d have to kill you. It’s super crowded as is!) :) I always feel so amazing after class and in the past, doing yoga (and acupuncture for that matter) really changed my outlook on life and my health. In conjunction with this, I’ve also gotten some e-mails recently asking me about feng shui. I’ve begun reading up on utilizing the basic feng shui principles and thought I’d share a great site for basic, straightforward tips you can apply to your own home here.
Indian and Asian inspired decor is quite popular right now. One of my favorite places to shop for such furniture, textiles and accessories in Boston is Devi Home in the South End- amazingly affordable, lush and gorgeous! The furniture is antique reproductions (hence the lower prices).

Simrin’s new Raja round place mats and elephant napkins are such a modern way to dress a table using India as an ispiration.

Affordable gorgeous goods from Om Home.

For pieces with history and heft look no further than Circa Trade in Hudson, NY. Run by my cousin Courtney, she ventures to India, Nepal, Cambodia and Morocco to find amazing unique items.

Suzanis are always a wonderful way to add a little punch of the exotic to a space as a table cover or throw- these are amazing originals, but you can find cheaper versions on eBay.

Gorgeous pillows from Anupama

Beni Ouarain carpets from Morocco and stacks of vintage saris…

Artwork from the genius collaboration between Alexander Gorlizki (in Brooklyn NY) and Riyaz Uddin (in Jaipur, INDIA). Featured in December 2007’s Elle Decor.

Alex, artist and collector of Indian patterns and artistic traditions, dreams up flip-side tableaux and surreal juxtapositions and Riyaz executes the non-traditional in the wholly traditional and meticulous art of the miniaturist – a single camel-hair brush in hand

Court also takes amazing photographs while on her trips and sells them in limited edition runs…

And since I mentioned yoga I thought I’d throw in a little yoga fashion for you too- since it doesn’t hurt that yoga clothes are so damn cute. Lululemon is hands down the best for yoga clothes and gear- their Reverse Groove pants fit perfectly and come in lengths for us tall girls. I also LOVE their manifesto poster- chock full of fantastic inspirational quotes!


  1. My friend is taking yoga and tai chi and just loves it. I like the robin’s egg blue table and the headboard.

  2. I rarely comment on it, but I do check your blog daily, sometimes twice daily, as I love your style. I like that you do mostly decor, but love when you put fashion on here once in awhile as well. So, I happened upon this blog that I think you will agree with me (if you don’t already know about it) is FABulous!
    http://fabulousfloridamommy.blogspot.com/ happy day!!

  3. you might like Bikram yoga at Baptiste in Brookline Village. The room is 104 degrees!

    Also I think you’d love this blog as a yogic resource :

    More Indian design!

  4. Chelsea-
    I’ve tried that- not for me- I passed out. Can’t handle hot yoga- my class is warm, but cozy warm, not like pouring sweat warm. :)
    E-mail me if you want to go with me sometime, it’s in Back Bay :)

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