Holiday 2008: My So-Called List

This is obviously not a big gift year, but here are some dream list items just for fun (and to torture myself.)

Letterpress business cards. How sweet are these ones below with their detailed edge?

Ridiculously awesome custom bedding and table linens by Leontine Linens (never. ever. ever. gonna. happen.)

The Hermes H blanket– ideally in camel and white (it may not even come in those colors). Classic. Ridiculously overpriced. Lovely.

but in reality I think a lot of us would actually like to have a blanket that said this:

The Colette Bed. On my list every year.

Some yumminess from Jonathan Adler– still the best faux bamboo chair out there, and a tripod lamp for the living room.

This delicious DVF wrap dress. Because I can never have enough and there is no other article of clothing on the planet that makes me feel as unconditionally foxy. ;)

Another Havanese– preferably a cream and apricot sister (like these) for Baxter. Pretty please!

Quite possibly a stand in for the perfect brown boots? Maybe even better (with a better price!) With skinny jeans tucked in, these would be amazing.

Pack of 10 yoga classes with David Magone at Exhale Spa so I can be zen, look fierce in a bikini and someday do this without falling over and getting a bloody nose.

And for after class, some new stemware to fill with red wine- this shape is really interesting.


  1. I wonder if those boots come in a Men’s size 12?:-) I could always appreciate wine glasses! If not this year, maybe next but don’t give up hope! Happy holidays.

  2. ohhh… such great picks! Isn’t it so fun to have such a lofty wish list? I’m loving the boots and the stemware especially!

  3. Beautiful list! I covet that bedding, as well. My favorite letterpress printer in the Boston area is Albertine Press. Shelly, the owner, custom designed my wedding invitations and is amazing to work with. Just a plug for her amazing line!

    Any thoughts on preparing a list of amazing wedding gifts (after the holiday season, of course!)? I think you would be really talented at coming up with newlywed gifts and I’d love some original ideas for friends and family tying the knot in 2009.

    Keep up the lovely posts!

  4. The Hermes blanket does come in camel and white, hard to find however! Great list, I love the Colette bed too, so versatile. I’m also craving a great suzani or some boho chic bedding in my home decor wish list!

  5. you are soooooo cute .
    i LOVE this post.
    it is exactly where i am right now.
    you will be on my blog for a daily READ.

    but really, i need the duvet that says “everything is going…..”you know the rest.
    but i will now dream about the linens from leontine (sp)

    merry merry

  6. yes, wonderful list! i love homes–like Kelly Klein's in a recent T&C–that have Hermes blankets strewn all about. Would be lovely to have!

  7. What a GREAT list! I would also love those amazing Leotine linens, an Hermes blanket, some of those business cards. Perhaps a sister poodle for my poodle, Vito! Great and colorful post. Thanks!

  8. I came so close to pulling thr trigger and getting some Leontine pillows for my bed….but then, after the stock market crashed, I decided that it was not the time or place to be spending $2500 on bedding!

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