Design Crush: Tobi Fairley

I came across Tobi Fairley’s work after she left a very kind comment on my blog- am now totally blushing that she complimented my house, as her work is incredible! Just look below at the way she mixes traditional decor and bold choices such as modern art, bright punches of color and whimsical patterns….

Both of these pics below show great ways to incorporate the very popular color black into a space without painting the whole wall- the black and white graphic paper looks insanely great against an antique piece (the Chanel bag does too). :) To the right, in a very bold move, she upholstered a couch in all black, I’ve never seen this done and in this space against the art it looks fantastic!

This bedroom is to die for- the chandelier, the wall treatment, the pleated skirt. Yes please.

Two great examples of hanging art or photos gallery style- neatly in rows or scattered. Both look great.

A girl after my own heart with lots of zebra accents!!! :)

How wonderful is this little girl’s room? not cutesy, but rather charming and lovely. So perfect.

Thanks for stopping in to EoS Tobi!


  1. I'm really intrigued by the way pictures are hung. Inthe bathroom one you show, (with B&W shells), it's an interesting touch to drop the last row below the line of the marble-topped basin surround. And it works so well, I think.

  2. I love the bright color on top of the neutral. And I agree with the art. I don’t seem to get it right but that is the look I am going for…

  3. The eating nook is perfect! I’ve been thinking of having a built in bench and placing tables and chairs around like that in my kitchen. Great designer, thank you!

  4. I have a few of her room photos saved in my “style book”- she is really talented!

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