Fashion and Furnishings: Trina Turk for Schumacher

Yesterday I popped into F. Schumacher, my favorite showroom at the BDC, and the awesome staff there alerted me to the new Trina Turk’s indoor/outdoor fabric line for Schumacher! I love the bright, cheery prints that totally reflect Trina’s clothing line. Perfect for any room, but I can see it in a great patio/outdoor living room just MADE for cocktails and good times!

Some of Trina’s newest looks for 2009- some of the same patterns from her fabric line are seen in the clothes:

Her boutiques reflect her design sensibility- fun, playful, a bit retro and BRIGHT. The Palm Springs store was designed by Kelly Wearstler and I love, LOVE the yellow dressing room paper!

Some pillows from her Trina Turk Residential store in Palm Springs! Next time I hit up the Parker (a.k.a heaven on earth) I must go!


  1. Suggestion/ Request: It would be really helpful if the sites that you link to in your blog opened up in a new window when you click on it rather than redirecting the reader away from your site. It would be great if I could check out those sites and look at your site contemporaneously. Thank you.

  2. I saw these fabric the other day and I was in love. I don’t know which I want more, the fabric or the clothes!

  3. This is so funny – seems everyone is talking about this fabric. I too love it and can’t decide where I’m going to use it first.

  4. Those shorts are my dream! Such pretty and uplifting colors. Can you take pictures/video inside the BDC? That place seems amazing!

  5. yes, please–all of it. clothes, the shop and the fabrics!

    that would be great if you could keep your blog open whilst looking at the sites you so expertly refer!

  6. This is a gorgeous post!!! I love everything about it.

    As for how to open a new window…I wish I could help. This was the reason I switched from blogger to wordpress, and it’s made it so much easier :)

  7. These fabrics are gorge! I was just asked to redecorate a sailboat (how fun!) and I can’t wait to use some of these fun prints.

  8. Stamford- redecorate a sailboat???? Um, so jealous- what an a amazing project- please use these fun prints!

  9. Love these prints! I want to redo my daughter’s room and remembered how my mom had done my room in Schumacher when I was a teen in the ’70’s. It was the coolest room (This is ancient history, but I had the same fabric as Rhoda did on her sofa on the “Rhoda” show-geometric with oranges, reds, yellows. I went on the Schumacher site but I can’t seem to find Trina Turk’s line… is it too new? How would I go about finding it? Love your site and always look forward to reading your posts!

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