Fashion Friday: Off the Shoulder Bride


So, I have to say I really did not like Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown. The train was obviously bothering her and when you aren’t comfortable in a dress and tugging at it, it can ruin the look. It was too frothy and did not do her figure any favors. I also thought it was too bridal- which got me thinking about one shouldered bridal gowns (since I’m in a bridal kick today). I love the one shouldered look, but am up in the air about how I feel about it for a wedding gown. Too trendy or chic and high fashion?

I am MAD for this Vera Wang on the left- I think it is amazing. I saw an ad for it in a magazine and it’s just floating in mid air and looks like it came from heaven! Loving the one to the right too (also Vera)

I think these are both Amsale- I forgot to note in my bridal blur….

Monique Lhuillier- amazingly ethereal

The following two are Romona Kaveza (a genius- her gowns are unbelievable)

Jim Hjelm and Vineyard.


  1. Totally agree on your first point. I had to look twice at it thinking there were cotton balls appliqued on it… as for the one shoulder thing: I love all these gowns and I think dresses which are a reflection of the times in which one was married are great. These days we love the look and it’s fabulous. I say, go for it.

  2. I agree with you this was a fashion misstep for Michelle — the dress added about 10lbs to her waist (ridiculous because she has a great figure). I also prefer to see her in bright colors. Ah well, she’s got at least 4 more years to make up for it!

  3. I haven’t been too impressed with Michelle’s Fashion statements so far… Hopefully, consultants will flock around her and maybe she can be the next Jackie O.

  4. I too did not like Michelle Obama’s gown… she looked sooo annoyed (or mad) with the train everytime they danced. I also didn’t think it was very flattering on her considerable stature. (the one-shoulder wedding gowns are gorgeous… love the two lhuillier picks)

  5. I am always a fan of the one-shoulder, and so many of the gowns you featured here are so super chic.

  6. Agreed, too frothy. Like Averill, I also like when Michelle goes with bold colors. On top of that, she looks best in strong, simple silhouettes that better suit her statuesque and athletic figure. One-shouldered would have been the way to go!

    Love the wedding gown selections (I can’t get enough of weddings either!). I wore a one-shouldered Cocoe Voci gown when I married… looked a lot like that last image (Vineyard), actually! :)

  7. I think that classic (and not trendy) is the best look for a bride; after all, you look at the pictures for decades.

    The Monique Lhuillier is absolutely beautiful. Someone should wear that to the Oscars! I wonder how many one should dresses will be at that event (where it is appropriate and expected to be trendy!).

  8. Okay, I laughed outloud at “frothy” you are hilariously correct on that description!! I didn’t like it either and am thankful I am not the only one. The look would lend credibility to the total RUMOR that she is pregnant. The yellow frock and coat didn’t help either. She should maybe go back to JCrew.

  9. I agree with you about the difficulties with the train. The Amsale gowns in the photographs would have been incredible — and so flattering and easy to handle while dancing — I wonder if those gowns would have worked in a brighter color — maybe saffron? I wonder if there is a color that has NOT been already worn by a First Lady?? Just a thought — wonderful posting!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  10. I absolutely agree! Michelle Obama has such a dressable body that she could wear any drop dead silk number and look like the bomb. To pick a dress that did NOTHING for her and that was a PITA, UGH.

  11. acutally loving the jim hjelm bottom gown but i agree it seems a bit too high-fashion for a wedding… I had a white on-shoulder for my senior prom & love it. (backless too!! haha I am still looking for occasions to wear that baby to!)

  12. I wasn’t sure whether it was the dress or Michelle. She has a very rough/militant posture and a dress like this just doesnt soften her appeal at all. It just makes her look uncomfortable in her own skin.

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