Fashion Fridays: The Perfect Trench

My friend Jen and I have been on a quest for the PERFECT trench coat for a good two years now and we both still do not own one. If money were no object, you would find us both at Burberry picking out one for each other while sipping champagne and toasting to our flawless taste- alas, we can’t spend that kind of cash at the present moment. So why has it taken us so long to find one? Because when it comes to a trench coat, I am one pick motherf*cker. I want a tailored fitting, classically styled trench with simple buttons, flat lying or no epaulets (my shoulders are broad enough) and a mid thigh to knee length. No ruffles, so sheen, no fancy buttons, no extra “styling”, no colors- just a clean, classic, beautifully fitting coats that will look as good on me now as it will when I’m 80. Oh, and it needs to be under $400. Is that so much to ask?
No one could rock a trench quite like Jackie O- and only Audrey could wear it as a bathrobe and look so cute! It’s been staple in wardrobes forever, and will continue to be for many generations to come…

Burberry’s two versions shown here are the classic and most desired, but the price tag is not exactly economical!

Club Monaco throws their hat int he ring with this stone colored coat and Banana’s version in a creamier tan color:

Only got $50? No problem- Old Navy has got you covered.
A.P.C. takes on the trend and keeps it streamlined and a tad shorter.

Theory never strays from it’s simple, classic lines and the trench is the perfect item for them to craft! And London Fog is known for their trenches and this updated silhouette on Overstock could save you some money too.

But my favorite this year, which I tried on today and LOVED is JCrew’s version. I would throw my full support (i.e. my wallet) behind it- under $300, not too long or too short, the perfect medium khaki color and just enough classic details to make it timeless, but not so many you feel trendy. Done and DONE.


  1. Totally off topic but I’d REALLY love a “wedding guest” fashion post — I’ve got a whole bunch to attend this spring and nothing to wear! Help! (Last year I so wanted that Thread Social dress you posted about but I had NO PARTIES to justify the purchase :(

  2. Wonderful post. I have been on this search for years. My problem is price and my long arms. It’s a real hassle. Love the pics.

  3. I would wait it out for the burberry one! I got mine during an online neimans last call sale, and you wouldnt even believe how cheap it was!

  4. Great post! I’ve been on this quest for the past year as well, and haven’t made any good headway. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m re-inspired to make the purchase before April showers hit Boston.

  5. LOVED the “picky motherf*ucker” — made me laugh out loud, so thanks! Also, I think the JCrew choice is a good one and especially since Paris is around the corner for you (seems like an essential). Off topic: I would love to hear your thoughts on Ginger Barber. Busy mother of three is starting to come around to the “less is more” approach.

  6. I adore JCrew! I a trench but mine is too trendy. The JCrew one is so classic and seems like it will last for an eternity.

  7. I followed the NM link and ended up ooogling the Burberry grey striped trench. I feel kind of stuck now and immobilized. Anyway. funny story, not long ago when I was retiring young from apparel, I bought a Bur. tranch and a pair of Ferragamo flats: I thought that incase I ended up poor they would shield me from knowing or looking it and hold up forvever! The flats came apart almost immed and have been repaired twice and I never get credit for the trench because no one looks inside to know it is the real deal. And in hindsight, those are not really going to help me if it really happened… J. Crew seems like a wiser choice. Be well, The Hostess

  8. Love the J Crew coat! I’ve seriously been addicted to that store recently. I mean I’ve always adored J Crew but I just placed 3 online orders in one week! They have great stuff :)

  9. Dont forget the recurrent Jcrew promotion they frequently have. Spend more than 250 save 50 . I think of various promotions at stores when looking for an item like this.

  10. I vote for the J. Crew coat! But I must say I am OVER the rolled up jeans with pumps…who wears their jeans like that…?? seriously …

    Okay..I’m better now! :)

  11. would you hate me if I told you I got a burberry trench for under $400? Stalk Saks when they have their big sale in early July…that time of year noone thinks to go look in the outerwear section and there are fantastic deals to be found!

  12. ooh, I love these!! I live in the land of no rain and blue skys but I still love to rock a sweet trench. My vote though is to save your pennies for the Burberry of your dreams which you will undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime. Sometimes when you find something that fits you just got to justify the tag!! (Hello, my name is Annie and I am an enabler:)

  13. Trench coats are so classic and never date themselves as evidenced with the top picture of Jackie. Buy the very best you can because you will have it for years!!

  14. Indeed, no one can rock anything like Jackie O. She NEVER disappoints. Always a lady.

  15. Love the J.Crew trench. Good choice. I’ve been looking for the perfect trench for a few months. I’m waiting for a sale at burberry….

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