1. I did the same double take last time I was at Target! The knock-offs are very pretty, but it’s just not the same, is it? I would happily eat mac n cheese for the rest of my life so I could afford 12 place settings of that china…

  2. omg – i was at target today and TOTALLY noticed these! but… after purchasing the real thing, i have to say there’s no comparison! these are a nice design for everyday though (i rarely take my little hermes teacup out of my cupboard!)

  3. oh, that’s tempting! but i just got married and don’t have enough room for the china i already have. although, i did just have new shelves installed….

  4. They are reminiscent of the Hermes dinnerwear, which I’ve coveted for a while too! And I think that they are a decent substitute- especially considering the price!

  5. My friend who is getting married in May actually registered for the “real deal” Hermes china. It’s gorgeous, but would put a huge strain on my weddings budget (which I had to this year institute after dropping way too much last year on friends’ wedding gifts). Do you think she’d notice if I subbed in some of Target’s knockoffs?

    I kid…I kid (mostly). :)

  6. Averill- I can’t imagine registering for china that cost that much! Actually a client of mine suggested I do a post about great items to register for- after I get through this photoshoot I think I’ll pick out the best of the best china, flatware, glasses, etc. in several budget ranges!

  7. EoS — I was a little surprised myself. But her rationale is that she'd rather get only a few pieces she truly loves than an entire set of "mediocre".

    Would definitely love some suggestions for more budget-friendly (and yet still completely great) wedding gifts that are a little more unique than whatever I grab at my local C&B (not that I have anything against C&B…). I may have to go "off the registry" for this one!

  8. Someone better go snatch those up quick so that I can’t! I’m not spending money these days… but darn Target for being so affordable and appealing!

  9. Erin, when you are registering for wedding gifts is the absolutely *best* time to request the expensive things you want most! You'll never, ever have a better chance to get the high end items you want *given* to you ;->

    With items such as china, people can give you one place setting or just one piece, go in together on purchasing the whole set you want, etc. Good china, silver, etc. give gift-givers a lot of options that will fit their budgets and still let you get what you really want most.

    Anything you don't receive, you can then fill in later on your own, as you are able. Even if you only get two place settings, you and your husband will at least be able to dine on the very best that you absolutely adore from your very first night at home together as a married couple on – and there is nothing in the world like dining on your own fine china in your own home.

  10. That’s what I did for a friend, I got her two dinner plates and two bowls from her Hermes china (which no one else has gotten for her, and the wedding is done) So they can’t have dinner parties but they can have very nice dinners for two!

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