The Best of What’s Left

I had a client/friend ask me to do a post about what shelter magazines that are left are worth reading. It feels like there aren’t any, but there actually are (none can hold a candle to Domino in my opinion though). So here is my list of what you might consider picking up during your next stop at Border’s.

The Basics-

Met and Elle- If these two fold, we’ll all be int trouble.

World of Interiors has some gems in it, and House Beautiful is an easy to read, more accessible option.

Traditional Home is not always just traditional AT ALL, I love it. Renovation Style has amazing ideas for kitchens and baths!

Site Specific:

Sunset is a lifestyle magazine with some amazing interiors and will make you want to move to California if you already don’t live there. Coastal Living has wonderful beachy images.

Southern Accents is more traditional while Western Interiors has a sleeker west coast vibe.
New England Shout Out:

I LOVE Design New England (not to be confused with my father’s firm, New England Design!) Boston Home is also great if you live in the area….

My dad subscribed me to the Cottages & Gardens magazines (Westchester, Connecticut, Hamptons and Palm Beach)- these two versions are my favorite. I’ve found some great ideas in here! At Home Fairfield County is quite amazing, but only 4 issues a year….
The International Crew (i.e. be prepared to spend at least $7 a copy!)

Living etc. is as close to a Domino as I’ve found image wise- very clever, bright and a mix of modern and traditional (and great online galleries!) Vogue Australia has delicious imagery.

Canadian House & Home is also a possible Domino replacement, but I fear I heard a rumor that they were folding as well… I hope not!


  1. After seeing Domino close it’s doors I would not be surprised to see ANY of these fold as well!

  2. House Beautiful is hands-down my favorite. They’ve been thru some editorial shake-ups, but since Stephen Drucker they’ve been fabulous.I swear I love every room they do!

  3. You missed one very important one Veranda. If you don’t know it, become familiar. It’s a must!
    House Beautiful is by far my favorite. it’s doable!!!!!

  4. I saw Western Interiors for the first time in my ob’s office, and seriously considered stealing it. It’s like getting a Xmas present in the mail every month. I LOVE it.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I have been wondering where I was going to get my decor fix! Elle Decor is a bit stuffy for me and I can’t afford anything in there so although I do like it, it’s not practical for me! I think I’m going to pick up Living Etc. the next time I’m at the book store. You’re the second person to recommend it. I looked into subscribing and it’s over $100 per year! Yikes!! Thanks again!

  6. Eeek… Don’t scare me like that about my beloved Canadian House and Home! It’s the first magazine I started picking up every month, before I discovered all the other great shelter mags and blogs out there, and it’s still my favourite. I hope there’s no truth to this!!

  7. Crud, the subscription to Living Etc. is over $100 for just one year. My husband would not appreciate that :) I like House Beautiful, and think they’ve been doing a good job lately.
    I just happened to get my Sunset magazine this week (in replace of Cottage Living *sob*) BUT I really liked this issue. I live in the Pacific NW and there is just as much or more stuff related to our often forgotten neck of the woods as there is CA which pleases me greatly! It’s a good one!

  8. On the international front, there’s Casa Vogue and Casa Claudia (out of Brazil) that work, too!

  9. Don’t forget about Veranda. It’s a little on the traditional side, but it’s still a lovely mag.

    Does anyone subscribe to Architectural Digest anymore? Just wondering. I let my subscription run out a couple years ago and haven’t really missed it.

  10. These are all good substitutes! I would agree with you that Living Etc. is close to Domino’s style. Like Eva said, I love Style at Home too. Thanks for laying all these out :)

  11. Lots of great mags to choose from!

    Suzanne Dimma just became the new editor over at Canadian House and Home so I’m pretty sure they’re okay…(she left Wish for them)


  12. A great round up—and while none will replace domino in my heart, I do have a soft spot for house beautiful. i love that they interview the designer of each space—really inspiring to hear why the did what they did and learn more about their process!

    I also really love Elle Decoration UK–it’s much more modern in its aesthetic than Elle Decor and somehow feels ‘meatier’–more inspiration per square inch, you might say!

  13. Canadian H&H is not folding.
    And this mag is my fav!
    New editor that's all — she hails from folded Wish magazine. She is Suzanne Dimma from beloved Style Dept on HGTV.

  14. Oh don’t let them all close. It makes me weep. We must create a magazine economic stimulus package to keep them supplying us with happy pics!

  15. Don’t forget Atlanta Home and Lifestyles, I live in MI and I love it. Also Chicago Home sometimes and Angelino Interiors is a new magazine as well.

  16. I just feel like there’s nothing good left but blogs. Thank goodness for resources like Elements of Style, Design Sponge and Decor8.

    I’m so in the dumps without Domino. I do love Country Living though from time to time. Hopefully they’ll stick around.

  17. Canadian House & Home is now offering a digital version of their mag. Sign of things to come? With so many great free blogs, I can't imagine subscribing to a digital magazine and reading online just doesn't compare to leafing through a magazine for me.

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