A Fabulous Dresser, Anyone?

I have a client selling this vintage faux bamboo dresser ( it doesn’t quite fit in the space we need it to). It’s needs a smidge of TLC, but if you want to put in some elbow grease, picture it in glossy white or a color! AMAZING-very Pieces…. :) If I had room and time I would snag it myself!
$200- located in Back Bay, Boston. Let me know if you are interested!


  1. I would LOVE that… I probably live a little too far away. It would look so amazing white!

  2. Erin,

    do you have the dimensions? I’d love to paint it red and use it in my living room–trying to multi-purpose a small space and it might work to put my flat screen television on top and use it for storage…but I need to know the dimensions to figure out if it will fit!

  3. Hi,

    Also would need to know the dimensions, also what is the top made out of it looks different than the sides.


  4. MMMmmmmm… I see black and tinges of red rubbed through… what a beauty… I would like that as a buffet in my dining room!!!

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