Fashion Friday: Bohemian Chic

Perhaps it’s my new yoga obsession, or perhaps it’s just the desire to feel comfortable and earthy during these cold last weeks of winter with happy spring thoughts filling my brain. Whatever it is, I am so digging Bohemian looks right now. Tunics, embroidery, layered bracelets and necklaces, flowy print dresses…
Anthropologie has cornered the market on this look and there are so many things for spring I love.

Bohemian yumminess from Calypso

Check out the amazing selection of handmade hippie-esque jewelry at Sundance Catalog.

Gorgeous long dresses from Shopbop:

A couple yummy embroidered tops from Free People:

Lovingly worn denim is a MUST (but not TOO destroyed- I hate denim with big holes all over the thighs- it makes no sense!) AG’s vintage selection are “aged” a specific number of years- like fine wine- pick 17 years or 5, depending on how worn you want them to look. I saw these in person and theya re so authentic looking and COMFY!

Cusp has some super stylish options- because Boho chic doesn’t need to be “crunchy”

And if you are Bostonian I highly recommend you go to Portobello Road boutique in Chestnut Hill if you covet this look- they have the most AMAZING selection. I wanted to cry when I went in there the other day because I didn’t have any money to spend and there were about 40 things I wanted! They also have amazing flowers and home goods! So worth the trip!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Loving this post, thank you! I was in Anthropologie the other day and picked up a bunch of things, love that place. Now if the weather would just perk up so we can start wearing sandals we will be happy girls!

  2. heart it all! I’ll take one of each! Love the jeans… I’m always scouting out new/great jeans!

  3. I’ve sooo been feeling the same way…i’ve been into Bohemian for the home as well…cheers. see you soon. xoxo.

  4. How about a peek through the thrift stores for the REAL thing?
    I found two gorgeous pairs of “vintage” jeans and only spent
    $6 for the two of them! I’m sure I have an “old” blouse in the back of my closet somewhere that looks just like these too… off to look!

  5. Hi Erin~
    I LOVE your blog and visit very often. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring! I have a great website for you if you ADORE bohemian clothing. Go to-
    She also has other fab jewelry, clothing and housewares.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!
    xxxooo Ruth

  6. I think I have to have every last item on this post. I LOVE the yellow tank and boots, I would wear those two things the most:)

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