Fashion Friday: The Look of Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner people- can you believe it? Where does the time go? Andrew and I are headed out for a lovely dinner at Moo, a newish restaurant that replaced our old favorite The Federalist. Can’t wait to see the decor and have a fancy night out! In preparation for V-day, here are some yummy items to get you in the pink and red spirit!

For a more elegnt night out, I am OBSESSED with this peachy pink Thread Social dress….
Dressy Valentine
Dressy Valentine – by elementsofstyleblog on
For a more casual night with the one you love, I would totally rock some red and pink with hints of gold-
Valentines Day Casual
Valentines Day Casual – by elementsofstyleblog on

This red flirty Cynthia Vincent dress or this ruffly DVF wrap dress would be perfect for a hot date! Or knock ’em dead in this pink wrap dress also by Cynthia Vincent.

Vintage inspired underthings from Victoria’s Secret– classy and romantic…skip the “stripper” look :)

Frilly pink tops from J.Crew, perfect for feeling lovely.

Swoon worthy jewels from Barney’s

What says “love” better than some statement making pink and red Christian Laboutin shoes (that second pair remind me of they “hello lover” shoes from SATC)

I can’t get enough of these Dog Eared necklaces with a love theme…

Get cozy in a pink or red fringe scarf by Love Quotes


  1. HOLD ON. The Federalist is closed?! At XV Beacon? Ugh. We lived in Charlestown for 5 years and I vacated Boston in a hurry after being attacked on the street in front of my home, and moved back to NY literally two days later. I had JUST agreed to go back for a weekend – finally ready to deal, because my Husband really misses it (and the Sox), and our fave is gone! Truffled fries, clubby men’s perfection, oh, boo, hiss, boo… Be well, The Hostess

  2. Yup- I was shocked when it closed- we had such a phenomenal experience there and I loved the decor as well… we’ll see how this new place is!

  3. LOVE the Laboutin shoes. My husband was just asking me which I wanted for V-Day. I am a lucky girl. OT: what happened to Nie Nie’s blogspot? I’m so disappointed that it’s gone “missing” — you were the one who turned me onto it. Any news?

  4. Okay, it’s official. I’m going to have to purchase the lingerie from VS and that adorable pink dress with the awesome back.
    Did I seriously read that the Federalist closed? I thought it was doing so well….I miss Boston…

  5. I love that top pink dress too. Very nice. I hope you guys have a fun time out at the new restaurant.
    Oh, and just because I’ve heard it on the blogishpere and I know you like JCrew…a lot of TJ Maxx stores around the East Coast got a shipment of shoes (19.99!) and dresses from just this past season. I’m on the west coast so no deals for me :(

  6. Love, love, LOVE the Thread Social dress! I WILL own one of their confections at some point in the future! My sis-in-law is getting married this fall, so maybe that will be my target date.

    Great pictures and I hope you have a great Valentines dinner at Moo! At first I thought you were referring to another famous restaruant called Moo in Barcelona! Also fabulous and located in a hotel called Omm. You would love it :)

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